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Is Katt Williams Married? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Katt Williams with his kids

If you are a fan of black comedy, Katt Williams will be familiar. He is a revered stand-up comedy performer and a Hollywood actor.

At the age of 50, he had already set some milestones for himself and the people around him. With three decades of experience in show business, this man has seen and experienced it all.

From controversies, allegations, dating, and sexual rumors, he has undergone all of that and come out stronger than before. There is no denying that his background played a significant role in the success that he has achieved right now.

Some of his notable performances include Money Mike in the comedy film named Friday After Next, Bobby Shaw in the sitcom My Wife and Kids, and Slickback in the animated sitcom The Boondocks. He also voiced himself on the infamous video game of Rockstar Games known as Grand Theft Auto IV.

Is Katt Williams seeing anyone lately? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Who is Katt Williams’ wife? Keep reading for more!

Is Katt Williams Married to Wife?

Image of Katt Williams
Katt Williams is an American stand-up comedian and actor.

There is no denying that with a net worth of almost 2 million dollars, well-deserved recognition, and talent, he would almost instantly become a piece of love to many ladies. However, this is not the case for our favorite comic.

Katt Williams’ wife is a phrase that we might not be able to use in this lifetime because it does not seem that the Hollywood celebrity is interested in seeing anyone romantically. Although he was married before to a woman early in his career named Quadirah Locus, it did not last.

In 1995, when the actor slowly sees the fruits of his labor come into play, Katt Williams’ wife chose a different path than his. After that, the comedian did not meddle with any romantic affairs again.

Maybe a few flings unbeknownst to the public here and there could be considered a romantic connection. But since then, he did not focus on finding the one that is meant to be with him.

Katt Williams’ Biography

Born on the 2nd day of September in 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the comic saw a life that was not comfortable compared to how he lived. At a young age, he separated from his family to pursue a life all by himself.

At the age of 13, he has already seen and experienced things that kids his age should not be able to understand yet. Because he is living alone, he survived by selling goods on the street as a vendor.

An opportunity opened for him to perform and showcase his talent, instantly grabbing it. The humble and hardworking young man saw a life far from the situation he was born in.

Katt Williams’ Kids

Image of Katt Williams with his kids
Katt Williams with his kids

The African-American comic is quite the soft-hearted man since it is known that he has eight children under his custody, only one of which came from his flesh and blood. Micah Williams is the sole biological child of his father; the rest of his siblings are all adopted.

The actor did not specify and reveal to the public the name of his seven kids, but we all know that they saw a better life under the wing of their adoptive father. A life that was robbed to them when they were decided to be adopted.

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