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Kali Muscle is Married to Wife: Helena Kirkendall. Kids

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Image of Kali Muscle with his wife, Helena Kirkendall, and their twins, Brooke Taylor and Kali Muscle II

Chuck Kirkendall, prominently known as Kali Muscle, is a writer, artist, entertainer, and bodybuilder. He has appeared in several commercials, namely GEICO, Snickers, Honda, Comcast, Taco Bell, and several more.

Because of his physique, he appeared in the commercial of GEICO as a traffic enforcer. Furthermore, he was featured in one of Jamey Johnson’s music videos.

On April 2, 2021, he established a YouTube channel that garnered a lot of subscribers averaging a 2.3 million following base. His content circulates workout and bodybuilding.

One of his most prominent works was his appearance in the film entitled Wonder Woman in 2011. He was also included in the film with the title The Dog Who Saved the Holidays, wherein he starred as Mikey.

He topped the headlines in November of 2021 because of a heart attack. He was brought to the hospital but was later discharged after the success of his emergency surgery.

Is there news with regards to Kali Muscle’s wife? Learn more about it by reading as we reveal further information, including his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article. 

Kali Muscle is Married to Helena Kirkendall.       

Image of Kali Muscle with his wife, Helena Kirkendall
Kali Muscle with his wife, Helena Kirkendall

Kali is evidently a man of physique and skills based on his physical appearance. His love life is frequently searched on the internet.

According to reports, Kali Muscle’s wife is a beautiful lady named Helena Kirkendall. Their marriage was discovered through an interview because Helena admitted that they married later than June of 2017.

According to Kali Muscle’s wife, she was clueless about who her husband is before a friend introduced them to each other. Her first impression of the bodybuilder was huge and psychotic because of his unusual body build.

Their first encounter occurred at a fitness expo wherein they took a selfie together. From there on, their relationship started that ended up in marriage not long after.

She said that the day they met each other was an instant click. They already knew that they are meant to be together for the entirety of their lives.

Who is Helena Kirkendall?           

Most prominent for being Kali Muscle’s wife, Helena is also a person of her own. She is a fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a YouTube content creator.

Her YouTube channel is named as Hyphy Family. Their contents are about fitness, children, and their life as a family.

Aside from being a wife, she is also the biggest fan of her husband. She usually posts pictures of him in her social media platforms.

Specific details about the personal life and career of Kali Muscle’s wife are not known to the media as of this writing. Nevertheless, the family is enjoying their best life with all their revenues.

Kali Muscle’s Kids           

Image of Kali Muscle with his wife, Helena Kirkendall, and their twins, Brooke Taylor and Kali Muscle II
Kali Muscle with his wife, Helena Kirkendall, and their twins, Brooke Taylor and Kali Muscle II

Kali and his wife, Helena, has been married for half a decade as of this writing. They are lucky to be blessed with children in the early stages of their marriage.

According to sources, the birthdate of their kids is the same as Christmas’. Additionally, Kali Muscle’s wife delivered twins into this world.

They initially publicized the names of the twins as Brooke Taylor and Kali Muscle II. From there on, they started a YouTube channel documenting their life as a family

Helena posted a picture of their kids on the 25th of December 2020 greeting them a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas.           

She added that their first year as parents are full of happiness alongside cries. She expressed her love for the twins and added a hashtag that states #ChristmasTwins.

As of this writing, they are regularly updating their family channel which is continually growing as days past by. The kids are evidently growing up with the best life there is.

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