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Juwan Howard is Married to Wife: Jenine Howard. Kids

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Image of Juwan Howard with his wife, Jenine Howard, and their kids, Jace and Jett Howard

Juwan Antonio Howard is a previous basketball player by profession. Presently, he is the men’s team Michigan Wolverine’s head coach.

From 1994 to 2011, he is a member of the National Basketball Association. After his professional time as an athlete, he co-assisted Miami Heat starting the year 2013 to 2019.

His contribution to the team led them to two championships in the NBA. It occurred in the years 2012 and 2013.

The birthdate of the previous professional player was discovered to be on the 7th of February 1973. His native home is in Chicago, Illinois.

For his collegiate degree, he attended Chicago Vocational Career Academy. It is where his basketball skills were honed by playing for the local college.

Are you curious about Juwan Howard’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about his marriage and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Juwan Howard is Married to Jenine Howard.  

Image of Juwan Howard with his wife, Jenine Howard
Juwan Howard with his wife, Jenine Howard

Being a man of skills and looks, his love life of Juwan is frequently looked up on the internet. According to reports, the previous professional player is already married to a wife.

Juwan Howard’s wife is named Jenine Wardley. The athlete and his wife had their first encounter at a particular party.           

From there on, they jump-started their relationship that ended up in marriage. The couple got married on July 6, 2002.

The marriage of the couple has been strong from the beginning. They could stay away from any controversies when it came to their married life.

The professional player mentioned in an interview that he would not be where he is today without the encouragement of his wife. She has been there ever since the beginning, which pushed him always to do better.

Who is Jenine Howard?           

Jenine is most prominent for being Juwan Howard’s wife. The couple is involved in doing philanthropist works specifically for the unfortunate youth from Washington.

Being married to a prominent person brought her into the limelight as well. However, she is trying her best to live away from the eyes of the media.

The birthdate of Juwan Howard’s wife was discovered to be on the 7th of February 1975. The couple shares the exact birthdate.

Her birthplace was identified to be Brooklyn, New York. She was raised by both of her parents named, George and Jermin.

She had three sisters growing up. It was known that their names were Shakira, Liesha, and Maya.

Supporters of the basketball player are rooting for Jenine to start modeling because of her height and beauty. However, Juwan Howard’s wife is not entertaining the idea because she is satisfied with her life with their children.

Juwan Howard’s Kids

Image of Juwan Howard with his wife, Jenine Howard, and their kids, Jace and Jett Howard
Juwan Howard with his wife, Jenine Howard, and their kids, Jace and Jett Howard

Juwan and Jenine have two kids together in their 20 years of marriage. However, Juwan had previous kids before tying the knot with his wife.

The kids of the couple are namely Jace and Jett Howard. Other kids the NBA star are namely Juwan Howard Jr., Joshua, Sky, and Starr.

The sons of the basketball coach and his wife have a bright future in terms of basketball. They inherited their father’s skills and height which is their edge in their career path.

Four of Howard’s kids are boys, all of them are playing basketball. Jace Howard is currently under the supervision of his father at the University of Michigan.

Meanwhile, Jett is still building his skills and credentials in his secondary school. However, he is doing well by being in the school year’s top 50 students.

All six children of the professional athlete are doing well in school and life. They are frequently traveling around the world to spend their free time.

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