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Justin Flom is Married to Wife: Jocelynn Flom. Kids: Haven, Holiday

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Image of Justin Flom with his wife, Jocelyn Flom

Being a magician is never easy. It needs intense patience and training to execute a trick flawlessly. Justin Flom is a well-known American magician who appeared on the Youtube series Wizard Wars.

Flom was born in Edina, Minnesota, the United States, on April 29, 1986, and he is now 35. With his talent in magic, he made it to The Ellen Degeneres Show, and after performing a few times, Justin became a regular performer in the show.

The famous magician was faced with challenges during the pandemic, and he successfully found a way to make a living by uploading videos on social media platforms. His videos’ main focus is on exposing the long-time secret methods of executing magic tricks.

He gained many views but was eventually removed and banned from numerous magic organizations.

Did the magician discover a magic trick to charm a woman to be his wife? Keep reading this Wikipedia-type article because we have an answer to that question, and we will also discuss Justin Flom’s married life, wife, and children.

Justin Flom is married to his Wife, Jocelynn Flom, since 2009

Image of Justin Flom with his wife, Jocelyn Flom

Justin Flom with his wife, Jocelyn Flom

Justin has been in the industry for a long time, and people have been wondering if he has someone right now that could bring a spark to his day to add more passion to his profession. The answer is, yes, the magician already found the love of his life years ago.

Jocelynn and Justin dated for a few years before marrying each other on July 23, 2009. There was no information regarding the exact date of their first meeting, but our team will try to find out more details.

Moreover, the couple loves to take photos together with their child. They want to keep a private life because online platforms could bring many problems to families nowadays.

People loved the couple more when they actively showed on social media that they were good role models to their child, and they sometimes included her in the videos of magic tricks. Netizens were happy about the child appearing in her father’s magic acts.

Jocelynn Flom’s Biography

The supportive wife of Justin Flom is Jocelynn Flomm. She had been by his side for many years, and when the magician was hospitalized, Jocelynn took care of his husband day and night.

Indeed, the couple has built a relationship that will conquer any challenges in life and win against them as long as they are together. Regarding the personal details of Jocelynn, she has not released any information about them.

On her Instagram account, the mother of two loves to share adorable moments with their two daughters. She shared how the girls help in baking sweet treats in an Instagram post.

Jocelynn prefers to keep her personal information to herself. We will try to find more information about her life and update this article once she decides to share her life details.

Justin Flom’s Kids

Image of Justin Flom with his wife, Jocelyn Flom, and their kids, Haven Grace Flom and Holiday Faith Flom

Justin Flom with his wife, Jocelyn Flom, and their kids, Haven Grace Flom and Holiday Faith Flom

The couple has two adorable children named Haven Grace Flom and Holiday Faith Flom. People would say that their names are as sweet as their faces, and fans can agree with that.

You would often see the girls on Jocelynn’s Instagram account, and they would usually enjoy being in front of the camera. Some say that that is what they got from their father, posing perfectly and finding perfect angles. Haven was born in the year 2016, and Holiday in 2019.

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