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Michael Cera is Married to Wife: Nadine. Kids 

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Image of Michael Cera with his wife, Nadine

Michael Austin Cera is an actor and a music artist from Canada. His career started when he was still a kid.

He used to be the voice of The Berenstain Bears’ Brother Bear. Furthermore, he also starred in the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind as Chuck Barris.

His birthdate was on the 7th of June 1988 in Brampton, Ontario. When he was still three years old, he had chickenpox and had the time to watch Ghostbusters, which stirred his interest in acting, even memorizing the dialogue in the movie.

The secondary studies of the actor occurred in several institutions such as Conestoga Public High School, Heart Lake Secondary School, and Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public High School. He stopped attending school physically when he reached grade 9 and finished his senior high school online.

The music artist is busy, and the fans are curious whether there is news with respect to Michael Cera’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about the actor, including his marriage, past relationship, and kids.

Michael Cera is Married to Nadine

Image of Michael Cera with his wife, Nadine
Michael Cera with his wife, Nadine

Artists who started young in the industry usually lose their careers along the way, but it is not the case for Michael. He is lucky because he is still offered projects up to this date.

One of the most controversial about an artist’s life is their dating status. Michael Cera’s wife is frequently a hot topic in the media because of her anonymity.

According to reports, the music artist is married to a wife named Nadine. The said wedding reportedly occurred in 2018.

The actor was frequently put into the spotlight because of the wedding band he was wearing. It was denied by his camp before, but fans were good enough to observe that he has been wearing the band since January of 2017.

A rare sighting of the pair transpired when they walked together at the 2018 Tony Awards. There was a nomination for Michael as the best actor in Lobby Hero.

Even though the actor did not bag the award, he indeed bagged the prettiest partner. Their love life may be private but their love for each other is seemingly loud when spotted.

Michael Cera’s Past Relationships       

Having to fulfill many roles as an actor, Michael was not spared from falling for his co-actors. He was previously linked to Aubrey Plaza.

Aubrey is the co-actor of Cera in the movie “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.” In an interview, the actress revealed that they were so close to eloping when they were still together.

However, their romance did not last long. The reason for their breakup was not disclosed to the public, but they both claim that they remain as good friends due to shared experiences.

Michael Cera’s Kids

Initially, the public was not aware of the existence of Cera’s child, not until Amy Schumer revealed it in one of her speeches. Schumer was talking about her son when she proceeded to mention that Cera, too, has a child.

When she realized that it was not supposed to be said in public, she quickly acknowledged what she had done. The music artist did not deny the existence of his marriage and child from that point on.

He said they are just beginning as parents, and they are still doing what they know. Michael Cera’s wife is not a fan of public appearance. Thus always stay hidden from the media.

Specific details about Michael Cera’s wife are not known to the public up to this day because he wants to protect his family from the media. He had witnessed and experienced the unwanted attention and did not want it for his small family.

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