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Manh Quynh is Married to Wife: Phi Nhung. Kids.

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Image of Manh Quynh with his wife, Phi Nhung

Manh Quynh, the stage name of Nguyen Thanh Dung, is a well-known Vietnamese-American international singer. His father was a US soldier who met and married his mother while serving in the Army.

His father went missing during World War II shortly after he was born. Despite being born in Saigon, Manh Quynh spent 15 years of adolescence living with his grandparents back in her hometown due to her mother’s difficult circumstances.

Manh Quynh moved to Saigon with his mother when he was 15 years old to attend high school in District 5 on Cao Dat Street. Manh Quynh studied ancient music with local legend Ngoc An while attending Tran Khai Nguyen School’s cultural studies program.

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Do you want to know who is the well-known Vietnamese-American international singer Manh Quynh’s wife? And does he have any kids? Then keep reading to find out more.

Manh Quynh and Phi Nhung Married Life

Image of Manh Quynh with his wife, Phi Nhung
Manh Quynh with his wife, Phi Nhung

Not only are Manh Quynh Phi Nhung adored for their on-stage chemistry as a pair, but in real life, they have been close friends for the past 20 years. Although it was believed that Manh Quynh and Phi Nhung were married, they overfit their roles and occasionally “listened” to one other to appease the public.

Phi Nhung and Manh Quynh recently got back together to perform in front of a faux Saigon crowd for a night of music. The duo contributed several songs to the show, including “Don’t blame me for being weak,” “The Last Love,” and others.

Phan Manh Quynh has announced that he and his partner will get married on January 1, 2019, and the date has been set in stone. Around four years have passed since singers, musicians, and gorgeous lovers started dating. Since their relationship became public knowledge, the public has consistently shown affection for and support for the couple.

Phi Nhung’s Biography

A singer, actress, and humanitarian of Vietnamese ancestry, Phm Phi Nhung lived and worked in the United States. She was an expert on the music of Dan Ca and Tru Tinh.

Manh Quynh’s wife performed with the bands Paris By Night and Van Son and in Tinh’s productions. For Lang Van, she recorded music as well.

She collaborated with Mnh Quynh on several occasions during her career. While in Vietnam, she devoted most of her time to aiding the impoverished and orphans.

A Vietnamese mom and an American serviceman’s dad welcomed Phm Phi Nhung into the world on April 10, 1970, in Pleiku, Vietnam. Manh Quynh’s wife’s schooling was limited to the sixth grade because of her family’s financial hardships.

Phm’s father was an American soldier serving in Pleiku during the Vietnam War, but she was unaware of this fact as a child. Phm grew up listening to Vietnamese folk music, which had a lasting impact on her songwriting style.

Manh Quynh’s wife’s mother died in 1982. Phm was taken in by her grandparents after she was orphaned. To support her five siblings, she took on the role of their financial manager.

Does Manh Quynh have kids?

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese-American international singer still doesn’t have kids with his wife, Phi Nhung. Hopefully, the couple will have any kids in the future.

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