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Art Green is Married to Wife: Matilda Rice. Kids

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Image of Art Green with his wife, Matilda Rice

Art Green is a prominent figure for being a reality star in the show entitled The Bachelor. It is a reality television series wherein a bachelor will choose who will be his wife.

Many people are excited to watch the series because an organic relationship unfolds between the girls and the bachelor. It is a breather after a long day of work for the citizens of the country.

The television personality was born on the 19th of May 1988. It was discovered that he was born and raised in New Zealand.

Specific information regarding the early life and professional career of Art Green is not disclosed to the media. We will update this article once the details are published.

Is there news with respect to Art Green’s wife? Continue reading to find out more.

We will discuss information about the artist in this Wikipedia-type article, including details about his marriage and kids.

Art Green is Married to Matilda Rice

Image of Art Green with his wife, Matilda Rice
Art Green with his wife, Matilda Rice

The first encounter between Green and his wife is atypical. They met on a reality television show which mixed and matched people.

The retrieval of details regarding the specifics of their wedding is unsuccessful. However, their love story was witnessed by a lot of people contrary to their wedding ceremony that was done intimately.

Matilda fought her way into Green’s life. After many challenges and obstacles, the reality show actor confessed to his now-wife that it has always been her since the beginning of the series.

A few moments after their companionship, they had already confessed their love for each other. The couple disclosed that it happened while they were in bed eating burgers.

In the November of 2015, Art Green’s wife debuted their shared Facebook page. They spent their first Christmas as a couple together in Martinborough.

The couple got engaged in 2016. Although it was not explicit, it was always mentioned in interviews with Green.

Before the year of their marriage, they have been frequently asked about it. The duo said that there is no pressure since they take their time to know each other.

Who is Matilda Rice?

Matilda Rice is most prominent being Art Green’s wife. Alongside the established identity, she is also a social media influencer, a television personality, and an author.

Her birthdate was discovered to be on the 1st of November 1987. Her birthplace is in Sydney, Australia.

She is the writer of the book entitled “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life.” She is also the one responsible for its publishing.

She has participated in Auckland Marathon. Her healthy lifestyle also includes healthy eating, tennis, and cycling.

Art Green’s Kids 

Image of Art Green with his wife, Matilda Rice, and their daughter, Autumn
Art Green with his wife, Matilda Rice, and their daughter, Autumn

In 2017, 2 years after the success of the TV series the couple participated in, and Art is already talking about kids. He stated that he wants to have three kids of his own.

He added that he could not wait to be called father. Furthermore, Art Green’s wife agrees with the idea that they want to have kids before or in their early 30s.

In 2019, their son was born, and they named him Milo. The couple stated that their son is ecstatic about his new identity as the big brother.

In 2021, Art Green’s wife birthed a beautiful baby girl. They were quick to post pictures of their daughter, Autumn.

Due to the pandemic, their youngest child was born in the comfort of their home. Matilda even joked that their dog needed therapy for witnessing the childbirth.

The proud dad stated that he wishes his daughter to grow up just like her mom. Moreover, he is the proudest there is for his children and wife.

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