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Andre the Giant is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Jean Christensen. Kids.

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Image of Andre the Giant with his daughter, Robin

Wrestling has been a vital part of children’s lives, some great wrestlers have inspired viewers to never give up on their dreams, and one of them is Andre the Giant. The talented wrestler rose to fame after appearing on wrestling companies and being noticed for his huge size.

The professional wrestler was born in Marne, France, on May 19, 1946. Due to his greatness in wrestling and approachable personality, he was recruited by several promotion companies like World Wide Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Unfortunately, on January 27, 1993, the great wrestler died in his sleep in Paris due to complications and congestive heart failure. The most important thing for his fans is that he was given recognition as he became included in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, WWF Hall of Fame, and Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Indeed, he had contributed many things to the wrestling industry when he was still alive, but many people wonder who supported him in his professional career before dying. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Andre the Giant’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Andre the Giant is not Married to a Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Jean Christensen

Image of Andre the Giant with partner, Jean Christensen

Andre the Giant with a partner, Jean Christensen

Before the death of one of the most talented wrestlers in history, Andre’s love life had been discussed many times, and people wondered who Andre the Giant’s wife was. The wrestler’s popularity gained him many fans, and they were interested in digging deeper into his life back then.

Rumors began to spread during his peak years, and people started asking too many questions about whether Andre the Giant’s wife was supportive of his career. Being in the wrestling industry could bring you more harm than good, but you will gain a great amount of attention and money if you succeed.

Andre’s career follows the quote, “High risk, high reward,” and many people believed that being in the entertainment industry made him unhealthier, resulting in his death. The talented wrestler’s supporters wanted to know if Andre the Giant’s wife took good care of him before he died in 1993.

Moreover, the famous wrestler broke his silence when he could not hide his love life anymore and revealed that he was dating Jean Christensen. Many rumors circulated about their relationship as many people believed that Jean was not Andre, the Giant’s wife.

According to sources, the rumors were brought to light after external sources revealed that the couple could not register their marriage at that time. Technically, Jean and Andre, the Giant, are not married, but they are still a power couple.

Nonetheless, people gave their thoughts about the couple’s relationship, saying that it is not essential whether you are married on paper or not. As long as you have a good heart and are faithful to your partner, there is nothing wrong with saying that you are married.

Jean Christensen’s Biography

Social media platforms have made Andre the Giant’s wife a topic on forums and discussions because they are intrigued by her. However, people need not speculate about Andre, the Giant’s wife, as she is a stunning woman named Jean Christensen.

Jean loved Andre so much that he was with him until his death, and sources said that even though downfalls came into their lives, they still stayed strong. Unfortunately, Jean died in 2008, but no details were revealed about her death.

She had successfully kept her information private, which is why people are still intrigued about her life. Our team will update this article once we find more information regarding Andre, the Giant’s wife.

Andre the Giant’s Kids

Image of Andre the Giant with his wife, Jean Christensen, and their daughter, Robin

Andre the Giant with his wife, Jean Christensen, and their daughter, Robin

With Andre’s popularity, he could not hide the truth about his child with Jean. Many sources revealed that the couple had a child named Robin Christensen.

Robin Christensen was claimed to be born in 1979 in the middle of the wrestler’s peak years in wrestling. Moreover, Andre did not believe Jean at first that Robin was his child.

After taking a paternity test, it revealed that Robin is the biological daughter of Andre. Moreover, Robin released a statement saying that she could only meet her father five times and that Andre’s legacy affected her life so much.

Robin added that she had difficulties finding a partner because of her father. We will update this article once we find more details about Robin Christensen.

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