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Julio Vaqueiro is Married to Wife: Fernando Vaqueiro

Image of Julio Vaqueiro with his wife, Fernando Vaqueiro, and their kids

Julio Vaqueiro is an outstanding media personality from both Mexico and America. Presently, he is under Los Angeles Telemundo’s morning program as an anchor.

Furthermore, to connect with his roots, he is partnering with Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company, commonly known as MSNBC. The content in the segment includes an update about the community of Latinos, relocation, and Mexico as a whole.

The news personality is improving his skills further by writing for El Universal. It is the most dominant news source in Latin America.

Being a journalist takes most of his time; that is why having Julio Vaqueiro’s wife is in question.

Check this out! Learn more about the wife, marriage, and kids of Julio Vaqueiro as we reveal further information about him.

Julio Vaqueiro has been Married to his Wife, Fernando Vaqueiro, since 2014

Image of Julio Vaqueiro with his wife, Fernando Vaqueiro, and their daughter
Julio Vaqueiro with his wife, Fernando Vaqueiro, and their daughter

The people are curious if he still has time to spend on his dating life because of his hectic schedule. Luckily, he had secured Julio Vaqueiro’s wife before he rose to prominence.

Therefore, Julio Vaqueiro’s wife’s title is owned by Fernando Vaquiero. Details about their first encounter were not yet revealed, but it was assumed that they first had their meeting while the news anchor was covering news in the Latino community.

They went and took their time to get to know each other deeper. Not long after, the lovely duo decided to get married.

On the 5th day of April in 2014, the couple made their vows to stay through thick and thin. Their closest family and friends are present to witness the couple’s beautiful ceremony.

Since then, Julio Vaqueiro’s wife decided they would not be entering the limelight because they wanted to live a quiet life. Moreover, Julio Vaquiero must keep his life under wraps because of his line of work.

Covering updates about the most significant people in the world can put his life and his family to risk. With that, the couple decided they would stay as lowkey as possible.

Julio Vaqueiro’s Previous Relationships

Although the news correspondent talks a lot because of his occupation as a reporter, there is not much information surrounding his life, let alone his dating history. This led people to believe that since they have been tied to each other for decades now, it might be possible that Fernando might have been his first and only lover.

Fernando Vaquiero’s Biography

Fernando Vaquiero is most famous for being Julio Vaqueiro’s wife. Her existence was only highlighted publicly when the news came out that they tied the knot in 2014.

Particulars about her childhood, education, and career were not published publicly. It is in line with the request of their family head to stay as private as possible.

Nevertheless, the newscaster frequently appreciates Julio Vaqueiro’s wife. He is not hesitant to express his love for his wife because she has been doing great since the beginning of their relationship.

Julio Vaqueiro’s Kids

Image of Julio Vaqueiro with his kids
Julio Vaqueiro with his kids

As of this writing, the couple has been married for eight years since 2014. Ergo, at least they are expected to build a family under their marriage register.

Julio Vaqueiro’s wife birthed three wonderful children. Their first son is named Santigo, who was delivered into this world in 2016.

Not long after, their only daughter, Isabela Baris, followed Santigo in December of 2017. And recently, the couple welcomed their third child, a boy named Jero, in the year 2020.

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