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Juan Rivera Wife, Brenda Rivera and Kids

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Images of Juan Rivera with his wife, Brenda Rivera

Some good men may try years and still fail in a relationship, while some infamous men get a perfect relationship no matter their horrible history. One such unlikely love story is of a Mexican man named Juan Rivera. Get to know more about Juan Rivera and his wife.

People may recognize Juan Rivera as the brother of a late great singer, Jenni Rivera. Also, Juan Rivera began rising to stardom ever since a documentary series of Jenni Rivera, Mariposa de Barrio, aired on Netflix in 2017.


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But other than associating Juan with his famous family ties, Juan Rivera is a singer too. We get to see his music video albums on YouTube, with the channel’s name being LINEA Music. So far, Juan Rivera has released his hit songs including El Abandonado, El Atizador, El Tamaulipeco, and Me Puse a Pensar.

Juan Rivera, his famous sister, and other siblings all have a troubled past and grew up in violence. Despite being well aware of such criminal family history, Juan’s wife seems to overlook them. Moreover, her and Juan’s unlikely love story is truly the kind of relationship we see in movies.

Who is Juan Rivera Wife?

Juan Rivera has kept his married life a secret for a long time. However, various reports claim to have seen Juan with his former wives, namely, Anna DeJuan (1986), Jennifer Garcia (1997), and Megan Jones (2005)

However, a trusted Mexican source known as Mundo Hispanico claims that Juan has tied the knot with his 22-year-long girlfriend, Brenda Rivera. Brenda is indeed the current wife of Juan Rivera, but Brenda has improved so much in Juan’s life.

It is not sure when Juan and Brenda began dating, but the two crossed paths during their college days. But when Brenda and Juan became close, they were almost inseparable.

Married Life

After dating for nearly two decades, Juan and Brenda finally became united in 2017. Moreover, Juan’s brother Pedro, who is a pastor, commenced their marriage as a priest. The whole Rivera family enjoyed their wedding and hoped to be strong.

Brenda’s husband’s whole life has been full of troubles by involving himself with drugs and violence. At one point, Juan also assaulted one of her sister’s stalkers and abused a dog as well. Previously, Juan would get imprisonments now and then. While in prison, Juan wondered about the troubles he would be putting on a woman who wants to be with a man like him if he continues his lousy life. More often than not, Juan attempted multiple suicide attempts as well.

Brenda knew that and took a vow to change her husband for good. There is no doubt that Juan and Brenda’s marriage is going well. But the way Brenda has coped well with a former goon and changed him into a peaceful person is unbelievable. Even Juan’s brother, Pedro, was surprised by the change in his brother’s life paradigm.

Juan mentioned in an interview that he could feel the change coming inside him thanks to her during the time he was dating Brenda. Also, after many failed marriage attempts, Juan had the certainty that Brenda would stay in his life forever.

Juan Rivera smiling with his wife, Brenda Rivera
Juan Rivera, the brother of a late great singer, Jenni Rivera, and his wife, Brenda Rivera.


As of 2021, Juan Rivera is the father of four beautiful children with Brenda Rivera. These children are two elder daughters, Marina Rivera and Divine Rivera, and two sons, Johnny Rivera and Frido Rivera.

Marina Rivera

One of the children came to life days before Juan and Brenda married. Just a few days before Juan was arrested on February 24, 1995, Brenda had her first child, Marina Rivera, in her womb. After spending six months in jail, Juan brought Marina home.

As of now, this eldest daughter of the Rivera family seems to have a boyfriend. Also, Juan, his daughter, and her boyfriend appeared on Instagram where Juan was trying to separate Marina from her boyfriend with beard and glasses. While watching the tv together, Juan came and sat between Marina and her lover. Marina even jokingly called her dad a jealous father.

Also, looking at Marina’s Instagram page, she is a pâtissier who designs all types of cakes. Moreover, Marina suggests people give her two weeks’ notice before placing orders.

Marina Rivera, daughter of Juan Rivera and Brenda Rivera
Marina Rivera, daughter of Juan Rivera and Brenda Rivera.

Divine Rivera

Juan’s second daughter, Divine, is an aesthetically beautiful woman. Moreover, fans say that Divine resembles a lot like her aunt Rosie Rivera. At 26 years of age, Divine has over 58k followers on her Instagram, and she is also available on Twitch.

It is not sure if Divine Rivera is dating someone as of late.

Johnny Rivera and Frido Rivera

Not much is available on Juan’s sons, but Johnny Rivera was a hot topic in recent memories. In January 2021, there was news regarding Johnny’s truck accident.

People were quick to speculate on whether Juan’s son had been drunk while driving, but Juan discarded these rumors immediately. Brenda Rivera not only changed her husband but raised her children with good values.

Later, it came to light that this accident was due to one of the truck’s tires going flat. Soon after Johnny’s graduation, his father gifted him this truck without Johnny having experience driving. But when the tire punctured, Johnny became nervous and hit the brakes and turned the steering wheels, which resulted in this accident. Juan was in a meeting when this incident occurred. As soon as Juan heard this news from his wife, he rushed into the scene. Luckily, nothing worse happened to Johnny, but the truck had broken glasses and roughly dented.

On the other hand, Frido Rivera is still very young who looks to be in his teenage days.

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