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JP Sears is Married to Wife: Amber Sears. Kids: Wilder

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Image of JP Sears an American Youtuber and Comedian

The online world is full of people who like to make people laugh and inspire people to move forward in life despite having hardships. JP Sears is one of them.

He uses AwakenWithJP as his online name and always tries to utilize internet platforms like YouTube to spread good vibes. The comedian was born in Toledo, Ohio, the United States, on April 12, 1981, and he is now 41.

According to sources, he had a rough time growing up. If you think he is the type of classmate that loves to joke around, you are correct, and he was even dubbed the class clown.

JP tried to pursue college by entering Bowling Green State University, but he did not continue his studies to take a different path.  Sears managed to enter Ohio life coaching school Journeys of Wisdom, where he found a new love, holistic culture.

With all the attention he is getting from being a social media personality and vlogger, does JP have time to find someone special? Keep reading this article because we have the answer to your question, and we will also discuss JP Sears’ Wife, partner, marriage, and children.

JP Sears has been Married to Wife, Amber Sears, since 2018

Image of the said Comedian and Youtuber with his wife Amber Sears
Comedian and Youtuber with his wife, Amber Sears

JP Sears’ wife was very emotional when she talked about the special day, and people witnessed how she cried and held back her emotions while expressing her feelings for the comedian. Family and friends described their wedding as a movie-like scene; and the couple tied the knot in a venue with tall trees and a sunny sky, and nature witnessed their love for each other.

The YouTuber gave a brief description of how he met his beautiful wife, and he said it was way back in January 2017 when they had a retreat somewhere in Costa Rica. He immediately fell in love with Amber ever since he saw her in the retreat camp, and everything worked out between the two after having conversations from time to time.

People could see the happiness in Sears’ wife, and after two years of being married, Amber gave birth to their child. The mother proudly shares pictures and videos of her child on several social media platforms.

Many subscribers were shocked when the two clicked as JP is a happy-go-lucky guy, and Amber is serious with a little bit of humor. Some said that maybe they filled the lacking aspects of their lives that is why they found a home with each other.

Amber Sears Biography

Image of Amber Sears wife of the said Comedian and Youtuber
Amber Sears, wife of the said Comedian and Youtuber

Several people see JP’s wife as a beautiful and talented woman. Aside from being a pilates expert and fitness enthusiast, she is also a spiritual entrepreneur, life advisor, and businesswoman.

JP Sears’ wife is a jack of all trades, as her close friends describe. Amber Sears was born in California, the United States, on July 18, 1989, and she is now 32.

The talented wife of JP is very supportive of his decisions when it comes to his personal life, career, and videos.

JP Sears’ Kids 

Image of Jp Sears with his son Wilder
Jp Sears with his son Wilder

After two years of being married, the husband and wife decided they wanted to have a child. In December 2020, Sears’ wife gave birth to their son named Wilder Sears.

The couple was very excited to hold their baby after 18-hour labor at home. Amber and JP immediately posted the newest member of the family.

People congratulated them and wished them all the best in their first journey as parents.

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