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Is Joshua Selman Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Joshua Selman

Joshua Selman Nimmack is a chemical engineer, a Nigerian minister, a televangelist, and the founder and the Pastor of the Eternity Network Channel, also known as Koinonia. He started his ministry in 2011. He is known for delivering a powerful message that helps people with conflict in their lives.

He is ministering to the students and preaches the Word of God at Admadu Bello University, the university he graduated from. Joshua Selman is the man who travels all over Nigeria to share the Gospel, and through his testimonies, he inspired many people to become a follower of Christ.

Before being a follower of Christ, he always prayed and sought answers on the purpose of his life. Then one night, he had a vision, and that vision he saw was God’s answer to his prayer that made him decide to become a Pastor.

Who is Joshua Selman’s Wife? Read this article as we answer questions concerning his personal and romantic life.

Is Joshua Selman Married to Wife?

Image of Joshua Selman
Joshua Selman is an Nigerian gospel or worship minister. He is also known as a Chemical Engineer, speaker, and the founder and Senior Pastor of the Eternity Network International.

The status of Joshua Selman is currently single; however, one of these days, we might see the wedding of him and his current partner, Sandra Chinelo Areh. They met in Zaria, Nigeria, in 2020 as Sandra Chinelo Areh was part of the media.

She served in the Nigerian House of Representatives as a personal assistant. She is set to be Joshua Selman’s wife.

Like Joshua Selman, she is also a follower of God. She came from a Christian family and accepted the Lord as her Savior in 2020.

Since then, she has been active in the works of the Church and God. They chose to be private about their love life; rumors are floating around that they are set to become husband and wife.

For now, their rumors are not proven, but seeing how happy they are and how healthy their relationship is, they may marry each other soon.

Joshua Selman’s Biography

As we wait for the announcement on who will be Joshua Selman’s wife, we will be focusing on his early career and legacies. Hail from Jos in the Plateau State of Nigerian City on June 25, 1980, and raised in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Every Sunday, he was in a Sunday school where he learned about Jesus Christ and what He had done on the cross of Calvary. God already called him when he was a child.

It was through his parents and grandfather who exposed him to the teaching of the Lord. And later on, he decided to respond to that call.

During his year in secondary school, he had a mentor who helped him understand the Word of God even more. Joshua Selman worked for other ministers such as Jephthah Idahosa and David Dam.

His relationship with God became closer, resulting in his decision to share the Gospel and helped the people who needed the Word of God. With God in his life, he quickly fought his struggles and issues and won his battles.

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