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José Mourinho is Married to Wife: Matilde Faria. Kids.

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Image of José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria

José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix Sr., known professionally as José Mourinho, is a renowned Portuguese former football player who played in his youth and senior careers in clubs Belenenses, Rio Ave, and Sesimbra. He is presently the head coach and the football manager of Associazione Sportiva Roma.

He was born on the 26th day of January 1963 in Setúbal, Portugal. The 59-year-old football manager is popularly perceived as one of the greatest ever in history, as well as one of the most decorated ones.

Learn more about Portuguese football manager and head coach José Mourinho’s wife, Matilde Faria, and their wedded life. Furthermore, discover more about José’s kids!

José Mourinho and Matilde Faria’s Marriage

Image of José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria

José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria

He met his wife Matilde, also known as Tami, as a teenager in Setubal as they lived a street away from each other. They were childhood sweethearts who married in 1989 and are on their 33rd wedding anniversary this year.

A devoted family man has previously stated that the “most important thing is my family and being a good father.” His wife has had significant acts on his career, even convincing him to turn down a job in England.

José Mourinho’s wife and two children live in their London residence.

José Mourinho’s cheating allegations

Despite the fact that José Mourinho’s wife has been married to him for more than three decades, they have been embroiled in several past issues, as he was accused of cheating on his longtime partner. ‘The Sun’ reported in 2007 that José had an extramarital affair 2001 with a woman named Elsa Sousa.

The said woman revealed intimate details about the affair in an interview. The married couple later claimed that the allegations were fabricated.

Another controversy erupted in 2010 when a Kenyan woman named LelesiSilvana claimed to have had an affair with the football manager as he visited Diani, Kenya, and the two even took romantic vacations to Poland on numerous occasions. She also alleged that he was prepared to leave his wife and even told her that he would marry her.

After being spotted on Sky Sports without wearing his wedding ring, the Portuguese sparked rumors of a split between the two. They also denied such claims without going into further detail and are still with one another despite the allegations.

Matilde Faria’s biography

José Mourinho’s wife was born Matilde Faria on the 14th day of August 1965 in Angola, Portugal, but grew up in Setubal. There is no information about her parents, other family members, and education, however, because she has not disclosed any.

She is a philanthropist who works with the World Food Programme of the United Nations, where she and her husband do various charitable endeavors. In addition, she also frequently works in her Setubal neighborhood.

She has survived cancer, and her husband showed his love and loyalty when she needed emergency surgery in late December 2016.

José Mourinho’s kids

The longtime married couple has two children in total.

Matilde Mourinho

Image of José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria, and their daughter, Matilde Mourinho

José Mourinho with his wife, Matilde Faria, and their daughter, Matilde Mourinho

Their oldest and only daughter, named after his wife, was born in 1996.

José Mario Mourinho Jr.

Their youngest child and only son, José, was born in 2000.

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