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Jorge Soler is Married to Wife: Leydis Serrano. Kids

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Image of Jorge Soler with his wife, Leydis Serrano, and their kids

Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo plays as a baseball outfielder as a profession. He is an athlete under contract with the Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins.

Before signing in with the Miami Marlins, he had previously played for Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, and Kansas City Royals. The commitment to these teams helped the baseball player improve his skills.

On the 25th of February 1992 was when the professional athlete was born. In Havana, Cuba is where he was born and raised.

In 2014 was when he launched his career in his chosen field. Before his professional career, he has already played in competitions around the globe.

Are you curious about Jorge Soler’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, including his marriage life and kids in this Wikipedia-type article. 

Jorge Soler is Married to Leydis Serrano

Image of Jorge Soler with his wife, Leydis Serrano
Jorge Soler with his wife, Leydis Serrano

Being a prominent figure in his field, supporters of professional athlete is curious about his love life. Due to their intensive research, it was discovered that Leydis Serrano is the name of Jorge Soler’s wife.

According to reports, they have been dating since they were teenagers. People are speculating that they met during their secondary studies.

Specific details about their marriage were not disclosed to the public. According to sources, the ceremony was attended by their immediate friends and families.

The marriage of the couple is far from being included in controversies. They are happily living together with their two beautiful children.

Soler once mentioned in an interview that Leydis does not want public attention, thus staying away from the spotlight. The press and the fans respect their preference as a couple.

Furthermore, they expressed that they would still support the professional baseball outfielder. Supporters added that they are happy for Jorge Soler’s wife and family.

Jorge Soler’s Kids

Image of Jorge Soler with his wife, Leydis Serrano, and their kids
Jorge Soler with his wife, Leydis Serrano, and their kids

Although it is not known when the couple exactly tied the knot, their relationship resulted in two beautiful children. The names of the kids were not disclosed to the public.

However, it was discovered that they have a girl and a boy. Specific details about the kids of Jorge Soler and wife, Leydis, are not publicly published as of this writing.

The family prefers to stay away from the spotlight and live peacefully independently. Nevertheless, during the off-season of the baseball tournaments, the family is spotted traveling around the world.

The lovely couple once mentioned that they want their children to experience the world’s beauty.

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