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Is Jorge Masvidal Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal Jr. was born on the 12th day of November 1984 in Miami, Florida, to a Peruvian mother, Mama Dukes, and Cuban father, Jorge Masvidal Sr. He is presently 37 years old.

He is notorious as a professional mixed martial artist competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is under the Welterweight division of the organization’s competition. He is also known for his nickname, ‘Gamebred.’

In addition, he holds the UFC record for the fastest knockout to ever occur in only five seconds at his match against Ben Askren. Ever since his professional debut in 2003, he has competed in multiple organizations such as World Victory Road, Strikeforce, Bellator, and Shark Fights.

Learn more about American professional mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal’s wife, present relationship, alleged marriage, and dating history. Also, see information about his kids!

Jorge Masvidal’s Present Relationship

Image of Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal is an American professional mixed martial artist.

Though he is one of the most popular UFC fighters, Jorge has kept his personal life very private. As per sources, the ‘Gamebred’is single as he is neither married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend.

In addition, there have not been any rumors of him with a possible partner or romantic links for the past few months. The change in his relationship status is yet to make headlines.

Jorge Masvidal’s alleged marriage

His best friend turned bitter rival, Colby’ Chaos’ Covington, was not as considerate of Masvidal’s privacy when he claimed that he had been cheating on his wife. He was referred to as Colby’s best friend on multiple occasions.

However, their friendship fell apart when Colby was named the interim UFC welterweight champion. The former claimed the latter is still married to Maritza Masvidal and that she is the mother of Jorge’s children.

Because of their feud, he went after Masvidal in the hopes of setting up a future match with him. To get under Masvidal’s skin, he personally attacked ‘Gamebred’ and verbally attacked his wife and children, and even posted a photo of himself with Maritza Masvidal, whom he claims to be Masvidal’s wife.

Jorge, according to Colby, does not want people to know about his alleged wife. Covington then claimed in an interview with Brett Okamoto that he lived on Maritza’s couch, not Jorge’s, as the latter claimed.

At this point, little is known about Maritza Masvidal, other than Covington’s claim that she is Jorge’s legal wife. He even accused Masvidal of “deleting” his wife Maritza Collado and labeled him a “deadbeat dad.”

Colby also accused the MMA fighter of cheating on her while they were together.’ Chaos’ later told Mac Life that Maritza Collado and Jorge are still legally married.

He also said that she is the true mother of his children and that Jorge’s marriage to his ex-wife, Iman Kawa, was just forgery. Many people disagree with his claims, especially given Masvidal’s public relationship with Iman Kawa and the scarcity of information on Maritza Collado.

Fans believe he is pulling another publicity stunt by hiring an actress to pose as Masvidal’s wife.

Jorge Masvidal’s previous relationships

  • Iman Kawa
Image of Jorge Masvidal with his ex-girlfriend, Iman Kawa
Jorge Masvidal with his ex-girlfriend, Iman Kawa

He was in a relationship with Iman Kawa for almost a decade, and the couple had three children together: two daughters and a son. According to reports, the couple was together until 2018 before splitting up in early 2019.

She is a YouTuber under the channel Better Than Your Mother’s, hosting cooking and lifestyle episodes. He even appeared in a number of her videos in the past.

Some sources state that she is former Jorge Masvidal’s wife as they were married sometime in the late 2000s and were divorced in early 2019, but according to reports, they split up in 2018. However, there has been no confirmation about their marriage ever since.

Later, she claimed that the reason for their divorce was his unreliability. The former Jorge Masvidal’s wife also claimed that the MMA fighter had previously dated several models behind her back.

  • Valerie Loureda
Image of Jorge Masvidal with his former partner, Valerie Loureda
Jorge Masvidal with his former partner, Valerie Loureda

He dated fellow mixed martial artist Valerie Loureda in the past. Nonetheless, there has not been much disclosed about their affair, and they have since split up.

Jorge Masvidal’s kids

Based on reports, he has three children with Iman Kawa. Regardless, they chose not to reveal any information about their children, aside from having two daughters and a son.

There is no information about who obtained custody of the three children as the previous couple has since split up. Some sources even claim that their eldest child, a daughter, is around eighteen years old, the middle child is twelve years old, and the only son, the youngest child, is about five years old.

Nevertheless, it seems unlikely as Iman is only thirty-two years old, and their kids should be younger than the claimed ages.

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