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Jordan Smith is Married to Wife: Kristen Denny. Kids.

Image of Jordan Smith with his wife, Kristen Denny

Jordan Smith is a renowned singer and songwriter from the USA. After giving a blistering performance on the ninth season of The Voice singing contest in 2015, he soared into popularity.

A record that had stood for a long time was shattered when the singer and composer became the first performer on the show to have one of his songs reach number one on the iTunes Store chart. Jordan began his career much like any other up-and-coming vocalist, intending to find fame on a larger stage.

He was able to get on the show The Voice and proceeded to impress the judges through the blind auditions. After winning the tournament, Smith became a well-known figure and was spoken about in various other media outlets.

Do you want to know Jordan Smith’s wife: Kristen Denny? Her biography and do they have kids together? Then continue reading to learn more.

Jordan Smith and Kristen Denny’s Married life

Image of Jordan Smith with his wife, Kristen Denny
Jordan Smith with his wife, Kristen Denny

Jordan is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Denny. After a number of years together as a partner, Jordan Smith’s wife finally got married to him in June of 2016.

Jordan Smith’s wife Denny hails from the Bluegrass State, just like her husband does.

The renowned singer claims that his wife Kirsten has been there for him through thick and thin during their relationship. During Jordan’s time on The Voice, Kristen accompanied him on his trip to the blind auditions and stayed in touch with him through Skype throughout the competition. In addition, no rumors are spreading about them breaking up, and it is pretty clear that they are in a state of contented love with one another.

Kristen Denny’s Biography

Even though Denny is married to the famous musician Jordan Smith, she prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the spotlight whenever possible. However, it is known to the public that she works as a speech-language pathologist and studies at Eastern Kentucky University.

Jordan Smith’s wife’s birthday is December 5th, 1993, which places her under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and she is turning 29 this year. Not much information is available about Denny since she prefers to live a low-key life.

Do Jordan Smith and Kristen Denny have kids?

Even though they have been married for six years, the pair does not currently have any children together. Despite this, Jordan’s devoted followers hope that he and his wife Kristen will be blessed with a child they will adore for the rest of their lives together.


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