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Jordan Poyer is Married to Wife: Rachel Bush. Kids: Aaliyah.

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Model Rachel Bush

Over the last two seasons, the Bills have emerged as a Superbowl favorite in the NFL. Primarily thanks to the front office for bolstering up their offense and defense.

The Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs duo has proved themselves as one of the best QB-WR tandems in the whole league.

But on the other side of the ball, a guy has just been an absolute ballhawk his entire career. And that guy is a vital safety, Jordan Poyer.

In 2013, the Eagles drafted Jordan Poyer in the 7th round of the draft.

Though a long shot, he would eventually make the team but would be released later to make room for Matthew Tucker.

After being waived, the Browns picked up Poyer and played him primarily as a strong safety.

Before going to the Bills, Poyer’s play in Cleveland improved steadily though the team played horrible football.

But a lacerated injury cut his career with Cleveland short. And as we all know now, he would sign with the Bills after his recovery.

American football safety, Jordan Poyer
American football strong safety for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League, Jordan Poyer

Quite the story Jordan has. After a comeback in the NFL, little did he know that his success would radiate to his own love life. With that said, let’s learn more about Poyer’s marriage and wife.

Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush’s Marriage and Love Life

In 2018, Poyer tied the knot with Instagram Model Rachel Bush. Taking a look at their history, Poyer and Bush first met each other on Twitter.

The two would immediately hit it off after becoming friends and start seeing each other. They dated for almost three years before their eventual marriage in Jamaica on Feb 17, 2018.

Their marriage has been going strong and steady as to their current status. There have yet to be reports of their breakup or falling out.

In contrast, the couple seems much more in love than ever, as seen on their IG posts and tweets.

Jordan Poyer with ex-wife Rachel Bush
American football safety Jordan Poyer with his ex-wife Rachel Bush

Jordan Poyer’s Rumor about Cheating

Seemingly, no marriage is perfect. A problem is bound to hit a married couple in one way or another.

May it be a problem with the kids or cheating. And the couple’s perfect relationship seems to have been tainted by the latter.

During their relationship, rumors of Poyer cheating on Bush with a college girl named Summer Rae circulated.

This rumor would eventually turn out to be true. Fortunately enough for Poyer, after asking for forgiveness, the two made it past the problem together.

Poyer, who seemed to have regretted his actions, even took the full apology to Instagram.

Rachel Bush’s short bio

Born on Nov 1, 1997, Rachel Bush is an Instagram model with a gross net worth of 1 Million US dollars.

Growing up, Rachel has always had a thing for sports. She even played varsity ball back in her high school days.

Besides her athleticism, Bush also seems to have been born a genius. After graduating high school, Bush would then attend the University of Florida and finish his Associate’s Degree at just 17.

Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush’s Kids 

Poyer and Bush have been blessed with a daughter over the relationship. Their daughter, Aaliyah, is currently around ages 6-7 as of 2022.

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