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Is Jordan Calloway Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Jordan Calloway

Jordan Calloway is a name that you might be familiar with if you are a fan of Unfabulous or CW’s Riverdale. With a great statute and handsome face, it is impossible that you have not seen his face before when you are a part of the newer generation.

He is an actor known for playing the character of Chuck Clayton in the hit drama series Riverdale. Although he may not be a part of the show’s main cast, his unique appearance and fantastic acting skills can surely catch your attention.

In addition to his role in the said show, he has also played the role of Zach Carter-Schwartz in the teen sitcom Unfabulous. We all ought to pay our homage to the one and only Mr. Calloway for any Nickelodeon kids who grew up watching the show.

Sources speculate that he is already in his early 30s because he has not yet disclosed his birthday. But if that is the case, he still has many years left to become a lot more successful in the show business industry.

Who is Jordan Calloway’s wife? Does he have a partner? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Is Jordan Calloway Married to Wife?

Image of Jordan Calloway
Jordan Calloway is an American actor. He is best known for his work as Zach Carter-Schwartz on the Nickelodeon series called Unfabulous.

There is no denying that the celebrity is a handsome and hot figure that women would be attracted to. A financially stable individual and an attractive body would catch some unguarded hearts.

However, despite the utter appearance of the Hollywood star, he is not in any romantic relationships whatsoever. Even looking at his past, you would know that he did not mingle with anyone before.

Even though he has not confirmed nor denied the accusations, it is safe to say that he has all of his focus on furthering his career. It might only be quite some time before Jordan Calloway’s wife comes into the picture.

Jordan Calloway’s Biography

Jordan Calloway’s future wife is not yet present so let us take a deep dive look into the life of our beloved actor. He was born into a broken family, with his parents mutually deciding to be divorced.

Together with his siblings, they all struggled to see the beauty of family when their parents were not with each other. But hurdles and challenges helped build the celebrity’s character and prowess.

His love for movies and shows may have been passed on by his father, Joseph, a videographer. It is also believed that he did not want to become an actor first but rather a decorated Navy SEAL officer that serves the country.

Although his calling may not be in the armed forces, he embraced the path given to him and ensured that he would be the best in it.

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