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Jonathan Swan is Married to Wife: Betsy Woodruff. Kids: Esther.

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Image of Jonathan Swan with his wife, Betsy Woodruff

Many renowned journalists have been well-known globally because of their greatness in the field. One of them is Jonathan Swan, and he is specialized in giving reports and political news for the news website Axios.

The reporter was born in Australia on August 7, 1985, and he is now 36. Journalism run in their family’s blood as his father, aunt, and uncle were journalists back then.

He first started his career in Canberra, Australia, for the company Fairfax Media. He was given the national political reporter position.

Jonathan also won several awards in his career, including the Wallace Brown Award, became part of the 16 Breakout Media Stars in 2016, and won an Emmy award for the category Best Edited Interview.

Being a journalist could bring you a lot of controversies, but Jonathan found a way to find the love of his life. If you want to know what we are talking about, then keep reading this Wikipedia-like article because we have more information about the wife, marriage, and kids, Jonathan Swan.

Jonathan Swan has been Married to his Wife, Betsy Woodruff, since 2019

Image of Jonathan Swan with his wife, Betsy Woodruff
Jonathan Swan with his wife, Betsy Woodruff

If you find someone in the same profession, you can be friends, enemies, or love. But in this case, the two chose love and became lovers after meeting each other.

When Jonathan saw Betsy in the same industry, he knew that he would marry her one day, and it happened. After a few years of getting to know each other, they decided to tie the knot on September 14, 2019.

Journalism made them closer since they share the same thoughts and concepts regarding things. After a year of celebrating the marriage to themselves, the duo announced that they had given birth to a daughter.

Everyone was excited about the announcement on a social media platform, and we will tell you more details later, so keep reading!

Betsy Woodruff’s Biography

Betsy Woodruff shares the same profession with his husband. She is also a national political reporter and works for the company Politico. She also chose to be a contributor to the television channel MSNBC.

The reporter was born in Columbia, Missouri, the United States, on October 31, 1989, and she is now 32. In 2012, Woodruff attended Hillsdale College, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Englis

Betsy’s career did not start at the top as she moved from company to company to find the workflow she wanted. She first worked at the National Review but later decided to work as a political writer at the Washington Examiner.

She was also hired by Slate and worked for The Daily Beast as their national political reporter in the year 2015. After five years of staying in The Daily Beast, she later announced that Politico hired her on March 4, 2020.

Jonathan Swan’s Kids

Image of Jonathan Swan with his daughter, Esther Jane Swan
Jonathan Swan with his daughter, Esther Jane Swan

The couple has one child named Esther Jane Swan, and their fellow journalists were the first to greet the couple. Esther was born on September 9, 2020, and is now two years old.

Betsy and Jonathan were so excited when they first held the baby that netizens quickly commented that Esther was in good hands because of her two parents, renowned reporters.

Some social media users even commented that they are sure Esther will follow the path of her parents when she grows up. Well, only time will tell!

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