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Jonathan Roumie is Married to Wife: Hannah Vanorman. Kids

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Image of Jonathan Roumie with his wife, Hannah Vanorman

Jonathan Roumie is an actor and a voiceover artist from the United States of America. He is most famous for his portrayal of Jesus in a series entitled The Chosen.

It is a sequence funded by people to tell the story about the nativity of Christianity. It has gained traction because of the actor’s resemblance to the messiah.

Jonathan is from a mixed-race of Egyptian, Syrian, and Irish. His birthplace and hometown growing up were discovered in the City of New York.

The voiceover actor was christened in a  Greek Orthodox Church. However, when he moved out of New York, he turned to Catholicism.

He is not just a good actor but a degree holder as well. As of this writing, he possesses a film degree awarded by the School of Visual Arts.

Despite his busy schedule as an actor, does he have time to commit to a relationship? Continue reading to learn more about him, including his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article.

Do you want to know who is Jonathan Roumie’s wife? Read further to discover!

Jonathan Roumie is Married to Hannah Vanorman.            

Image of Jonathan Roumie with his wife, Hannah Vanorman
Jonathan Roumie with his wife, Hannah Vanorman

As a famous person, his love life is always a topic during interviews. According to reports, he has been married since June 2020.

Jonathan Roumie’s wife was identified to be under the name of Hannah Vanorman. However, specific details about their marriage are not disclosed to the public as of this writing.

The first encounter of the couple is also not published as of this writing. Nonetheless, speculations claim that they met when Jonathan is already a well-known public figure.

Reports about the specifics of Jonathan Roumie’s wife are not available to the public. She prefers to live away from the limelight to avoid any unnecessary dramas.

Currently, the couple is happily living lowkey. According to Jonathan, they are frequently travelling around the world to witness its beauty. 

Jonathan Roumie’s Kids           

Jonathan Roumie and his wife just recently married. Hence, reports about having kids are nowhere near their relationship.

The famous actor once mentioned in an interview that he wanted to enjoy his time with his wife before settling to have kids. Not that he does not want kids, he cleared out, and he just wants to be a hundred percent sure about having kids because it’s a life-long commitment.

He added that he is not confident that he can sustain a life with kids at the moment because of the global pandemic. If they were to have a child, they only want the best for them.

Jonathan Roumie’s wife agrees to the sentiments of her husband. She added that she, too, is not ready to bear a child in this world.

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