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Jon Hein is Married to Wife: Debra Ganz. Kids: Rachel, Emily

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Image of John Hein an American Radio Personality and Former Webmaster

Many opportunities come into our lives, and when they appear at your door, you should know which one to grab. Jon Hein was one of the people who was given many choices on which career path he should take, and he decided to be a part of The Howard Stern Show.

Hein formerly specialized in managing many websites, and he was called a webmaster. The media personality pursued the broadcasting field and did not limit himself when he chose to be an author of books, including Fast Food Maniac: From Arby’s White Castle, Jump the Shark: TV Edition, and One Man’s Supersized Obsession with American Fastfood.

The author was born in Hempstead, New York City, the United States, on November 24, 1976, and he is now 54. People admire him for being a talented radio broadcaster, he sometimes loves to tell a joke, but he is very knowledgeable about severe topics and social issues.

Jon Hein made a name for himself and continues to show the world why he is considered a great writer and radio host. His listeners want to know if he has a partner right now who inspires him to do more at work.

Keep reading this article because we have more information regarding Jon Hein’s wife, partner, marriage, and children.

Jon Hein has been Married to Wife, Debra Ganz, since 1990

Image of John Hein with his wife Debra Hein
John Hein with his wife, Debra Hein

Who knew that having a typical day at a restaurant and eating your favorite food would get you a stunning wife? It was just like a movie scene for the couple Jon and Debra when they first met each other in 1989.

The two were minding their own business and filling their empty stomachs when they saw each other after being introduced by their mutual friend and immediately found love. It was a quick relationship between the two because Hein proposed to his soon-to-be wife after dating for several months in the same year.

They did not wait any longer as after being engaged in 1989, they decided to exchange rings and vows in 1990. Several family members, relatives, and friends witnessed how the husband and wife expressed their love for each other on a particular day.

Debra Ganz’s Biography 

Image of Debra Ganz wife of the Former Webmaster and the said Radio Personality
Debra Ganz, wife of the Former Webmaster and the said Radio Personality

Jon Hein’s wife is a beautiful woman named Debra Ganz, and people admire her for having a sexy body despite being 55 years old. She truly knows how to take care of her body even though her husband likes to eat fast food with her.

Debra was born in New York, the United States, on January 10, 1957. During her younger days, she attended Syosset Senior High School.

Jon Hein’s wife did not reveal more information about herself to the public, and she wanted to stay away from the limelight as much as possible to avoid controversies that might affect their family.

Jon Hein’s Kids

Image of John and Debra Hein with their daughters Rachel and Emily
John and Debra Hein with their daughters Rachel and Emily

The couple has been together for 32 years, and they were blessed with two beautiful daughters named Rachel Hein and Emily Hein. Hein’s wife undoubtedly passed on her pretty face to their daughters, evident in their pictures and videos on social media platforms.

However, the husband and wife did not disclose the details of their two daughters, and their birthdates were also not revealed to the public. We will update this article once we find more information about them.

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