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John Meadows is Married to Wife: Mary Meadows. Kids: Alexander, Jonathan

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Image of John and Mary Meadows with their kids, Alexander and Jonathan Meadows

John Meadows is called Mountain Dog, and it came from the dog breed Bernese Mountain Dogs, which are known for being versatile. Meadows is the same as he is a brand ambassador, bodybuilder, fitness trainer, businessman, football coach, and media personality.

The professional bodybuilder was born in Washington Court House, Ohio,  the United States, on April 11, 1972. Unfortunately, despite being a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, John passed away in August 2021, and he was 49 at that time.

Football became one of his recreational activities, but he took it seriously when he attended Wilmington College to play the sport. In addition, he was an academic scholar and decided to participate in Capital University to earn a degree.

He was undoubtedly a versatile person before he passed away, and people want to know who was there by his side while he was going through a rough patch. Keep reading this article because we have more information about John Meadows’ wife, married life, and children.

John Meadows is Married to his wife, Mary Meadows

Image of John Meadows with his wife, Mary Meadows
John Meadows with his wife, Mary Meadows

Before the tragic situation in their family, the couple lived a happy and healthy life that they taught to their children. The fitness trainer met his wife Mary Meadows in a competition in 1998, and from there, their romantic relationship started to build up.

The couple did not reveal the exact date of their wedding, but people assume that it was not a big wedding, but it sure was a sincere and joyful one. They have shown people how to overcome problems and disputes that happen in their lives through the years.

John Meadows’ wife gave birth to their two sons, who are twins, in 2006. Fans were so happy for the couple since twins represent luck for them.

The long-time sweethearts are continuously obtaining success by receiving product endorsements and a growing business called Granite Supplements.

Mary Meadows’ Biography

John Meadows’ wife is Mary Meadows. The bodybuilder describes her as the person he could lean on the most when he was in his downfall because of Idiopathic Myointimal Hyperplasia.

This colon disease made him stay in the hospital longer in 2020. She was a supportive wife to John and would often help him do things that he could not do because of the multiple conditions that the bodybuilder was experiencing.

Mary did not release any information about her personal life, but sources said she is in her mid-40s. Many challenges have happened in their lives, and John’s wife was always there for him and even said that if he waited for a little more, all the pain and suffering would be worth it.

The businessman felt better but died peacefully in his home at some point.

John Meadows’ Kids

Image of John and Mary Meadows with their kids, Alexander and Jonathan Meadows
John and Mary Meadows with their kids, Alexander and Jonathan Meadows

The husband and wife gave birth to two children, Alexander Meadows, and Jonathan Meadows. Their father would often post pictures of them together and share with people how happy he was being able to have time for his twins.

In an Instagram post, Meadows greeted his sons with a happy 12th birthday and included in the caption that the boys meant the world to him. Losing a parent is hard, but people are sure John gave them lessons they would surely bring while growing up. 

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