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John Kincade is Married to Wife: Cristina Kincade

Image of John Kincade with his daughter

If you listened to 97.5 The Fanatic, you probably heard the voice of John Kincade before. He is an American sports talk show host and sports analyst.

He also headlines the CBS Sports Radio show “The John Kincade Show,” where he discusses different topics related to the sports industry. Besides this, he also works in the “BIG Podcast with SHAQ” as a co-host.

Check this out! Learn more personal information about the host, John Kincade and his wife, married life, and kids.

John Kincade has been Married to his Wife, Cristina Kincade, since 2000

Image of John Kincade with his wife, Cristina Kincade, and their daughter
John Kincade with his wife, Cristina Kincade, and their daughter

They say that Philadelphia sports fans are among the best fans in the world because of their loyalty. This is said to be true in the case of the host because he is admired by a lot of sports fans in the area.

Due to that reason, a lot of listeners are curious about the talk show host’s romantic relationship. John Kincade’s marital status is already married.

He tied the knot with a beautiful and unique woman named Cristina Kincade. Although details about their relationship are not revealed to the public, it is said that they exchanged vows sometime in the early 2000s.

Now, the couple enjoys their married life alongside their lovely daughter.

Cristina Kincade’s Biography

As a radio show host, people could be delighted by your voice. This is true with John as he got married to Cristina Kincade.

She is John Kincade’s wife. Her fame grew when she exchanged vows with the sports talk show host.

John Kincade’s wife is said to be a very supportive partner. She often shows up at the radio host’s workplace to give her encouragement.

Also, John Kincade’s wife is a wonderful mom. With her husband, she raised their daughter to be a good citizen and an intelligent kid.

John Kincade’s Kids

Image of John and Cristina Kincade's daughter, Olivia
John and Cristina Kincade’s daughter, Olivia

The union of John and Cristina can be said to be a success because of their long and fruitful time together. With the Lord’s blessing, the couple managed to raise their child.

Their only kid is a girl. Although some might say that being a celebrity is challenging because of the public attention, their daughter remained outside the reach of the media.

This is because the parents of the lovely girl decided to keep her privacy to have a peaceful life. In addition, the married couple said they would love to have another kid added to the family.

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