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John Candy is Married to Wife: Rosemary Margaret

Image of John Candy with his wife, Rosemary Margaret

John Franklin Candy, commonly known as John Candy, was a renowned comedian and actor from Canada. John’s rise to prominence began in the 1970s when he became a cast member on the sketch comedy show “Second City Television” and the improvisational comedy company “Second City.”

One of his most well-known roles was as Del Griffith, a chatty salesman for shower curtain rings in the comedic television film “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” which was first shown in 1987. Both his final film appearances, in the buddy-adventure comedy picture “Wagons East” and the comedy film “Canadian Bacon,” are memorials to the actor and are devoted to his memory.

The renowned comedian passed away in 1994 when he was 43 years old.

Are you interested in the renowned comedian John Candy and his wife before he died? And his kids? Then read this article to learn more.

John Candy has been Married to his Wife, Rosemary Margaret, since 1979

Image of John Candy with his wife, Rosemary Margaret
John Candy with his wife, Rosemary Margaret

John Candy’s wife, Rosemary Margaret, tied the knot with him in 1979, and the couple remained married for more than 14 years until John’s death. They welcomed two children into the world, a girl named Jennifer and a boy named Christopher, and both of their kids would go on to have successful careers in the entertainment industry, much like their dad.

John Candy’s wife was well aware of the many challenges that the renowned comedian faced with his weight, and as a result, she worked hard to instil in their children several healthy eating and living habits. Her late husband was honoured posthumously in various ways, including by being inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame.

In 1994, John’s body was discovered after he had passed away while she was on holiday in Durango City, Mexico. The night before, he had already decided to sell his Canadian Football League franchise and take some time off from acting.

He also had plans to take some time off from performing. He suffered a heart attack in the middle of the night, brought on by a reduction in the flow of blood, which ultimately caused his heart to stop beating.

His family had a history of cardiovascular illness. Still, throughout his life, he fought several health concerns caused by his money, including indulging in vices such as smoking and drinking.

Rosemary Margaret’s Biography

John Candy’s wife, Rosemary Margaret Hobor, is an artist, but she is probably most known for being the spouse of the actor John Candy at this point. On November 30, 1948, she was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Margaret spent her childhood in Toronto, where she went to Notre Dame High School, a Roman Catholic high school exclusively for female students. It functioned as a sister school to the Neil McNeil Catholic High School, an all-boys institution.

Around this period, she first met her future husband, John Candy. Shortly after their initial encounter, they began a romantic relationship.

After finishing her education, she primarily remained in the background as her spouse pursued success in the entertainment industry. She was a stay-at-home mom to their two kids while also dabbling in the art world.

In addition to her artistic endeavours, she devoted a significant portion of her spare time to working with several philanthropic organizations. She was an employee of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, an organization whose mission is to protect children and young people from contracting HIV.

John Candy’s Kids

Image of John Candy with his kids, Jennifer and Christopher
John Candy with his kids, Jennifer and Christopher

Jennifer Candy is the eldest child and daughter of the renowned comedian John and his wife, Rosemary. Jennifer was born on February 3, 1980, and is 42 years old.

Christopher Candy is John’s youngest child and son and his wife, Rosemary. Christopher was born on September 23, 1984, and is currently 37 years old.

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