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Joey Diaz Wife Terrie Diaz and Kids

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Image of a great standup comedy artist, Joey Diaz

José Antonio Díaz, known as Joey “Coco” Diaz, is a great standup comedy artist. Fans love him for his live on-stage performances, including his appearances in Spiderman 2, Taxi, My Name is Earl, and many more. This entertainment artist and the host of The Church of What’s Happening Now is also a controversial character involving himself in scandals and drug rackets.

Coming from a messed-up background, 58-year-old Joey Diaz has had an equally disturbed married life. For most of Diaz’s wrecked marriages, he is the one to be blamed due to disappointing behaviors. However, recently, it seems that the comedian has found a bit of stability in his married life ever since his new wedding.


Like most failed marriages, Joey Diaz had his first wedding thrown out of the window too. This is why 58-year-old comedian Joey Diaz had to marry twice in his life.

First Wife

Unfortunately for the fans, Joey Diaz kept his first wedding in the dark. At the time, Joey hadn’t had any fame, and no one ever took any interest in his life. Hence, nobody knows about the first wife of Joey Diaz. Joey married for the first time in the 80s but then divorced in 1991.

From this low-key marriage, Joey had a daughter but only for a short amount of time. To be more specific, ever since divorcing his ex-wife, Joey’s first daughter preferred to live with her mother. However, on numerous occasions, Joey blames his ex-wife for taking his child away from him. During their divorce, Joey’s ex-wife forged a document that allowed her to take their daughter to England.

Back then, Joey was a nobody with no career. But ever since he saw himself down in his daughter’s eyes, it motivated him to be successful for her. Joey’s sole purpose of coming to Los Angeles was to be a hit comedian.

Thankfully, Joey became successful. Otherwise, Joey had plans of killing his ex-wife had he failed. We know through his interviews that Joey despises his ex-wife every day. She gave up on Joey, but Joey took the best revenge on her by being a prominent man with a high net worth.

To Joey’s assumption, his ex-wife must be in agony after seeing him come this far.

Second Wife

Similar to Joey’s first marriage, nothing much can be said about his second wife either. The celebrity spouse is preventing herself from entering public fame. Regardless, sources were quick to find out about the comedian’s second spouse. Terrie Diaz is the second wife of Joey Diaz. Also, seeing that the Cuban comedian has spent more than a decade with this woman, we can say that Joey’s second marriage is a lot better than the previous one.

However, Joey had almost ruined this marriage with Terrie, too, as he would still be addicted to cocaine. But Terrie remained patient and did everything to change her husband, and she did a good job.

It turns out that Joey wedded for the second time with a woman named Terrie Clark on November 25, 2009. Furthermore, their marriage was two years after when Diaz quit cocaine for good. Unfortunately, Terrie has a meager profile status in public, so not much is available about her.

Terrie Diaz, wife of Joey Diaz
Terrie Diaz, wife of a great standup comedy artist, Joey Diaz.

Who is Terrie Clark?

From what the sources can confirm, Terrie Clark is a professional financial analyst who began crunching figures at a law firm after finishing studies in the 90s. But Terrie also took up another job for the evening by working as a club waitress. Eventually, Terrie relocated to Los Angeles to search for more opportunities.

Born in the 60s, Terrie Clark Diaz is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, and her original name is Catherine Nee Murray. Unlike her husband, it was Terrie’s first marriage.

First Meeting of Terrie and Diaz

Joey made certain revelations about his second marriage while sitting for an interview. It turns out that Joey and Terrie met in a comedy club’s local bar. It was in the July of 2000 when Terrie worked as a waitress in the club’s bar. Joey also attended the bar and got a drink when he saw Terrie, a white woman with ocean blue eyes.

His curiosity took over him, and he went on to greet Terrie. They had a long talk and drinks together, and since then, Joey and Terrie started visiting each other daily before dating. At the time, Joey was struggling in his career and was almost broke.

Despite being uncertain in life and having a rough past, Terrie took a bold move to marry Joey as she was totally in love with him.

Joey Diaz Kid: Mercy Saa Diaz

So far, the Cuban comedian is the father of two daughters. His second daughter was from Terrie, whom the couple gave birth five years after their marriage.

On January 8, 2013, Joey and Terrie welcomed their newly-born daughter, Mercy Diaz. As of now, Mercy is only eight years old and is the favorite of his parents. Joey himself expressed his happiness while announcing his daughter’s birth on social media. Joey had been craving for a daughter’s love ever since losing his first child.

Joey Diaz looking happy with her daughter, Mercy
A great standup comedy artist, Joey Diaz, and his daughter, Mercy Saa Diaz.

However, Joey and Terrie are rapidly trying their best to prevent Mercy from coming into the spotlight at a young age. The only thing that bothers Joey is the fear of losing Mercy as he did with his first one. Regardless, Mercy currently lives with her family in New Jersey. Furthermore, Mercy is frequently appearing in her father’s social account.

Most importantly, this shows that Mercy’s family is the evidence for a significant turnaround one can make in their life.

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