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Who was Joe Montana’s First Wife?

Image of Joe Montana first wife Kim Moses

Joseph Clifford Montana goes by the name Joe Montana; he is a former football player and one of the well-known and greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. During his football career, he also was the one who led the way for victory in his team, San Francisco 49ers, to take a win in four Super Bowls in 1990, 1989, 1985 and 1982.

His reputation and fame ascend even higher because of his achievements. In his three victories in Super Bowl, Joe Montana was awarded as the Most Valuable Player or MVP in the field. He was given a new name as Joe Cool because of his ability to calmly lead his team to victory despite the tension inside the game.

He has amazingly 70 percent of passes inside his team’s victory in four Super Bowl with 122 attempts of interception and run for 92 yards in the last seconds to beat Cincinnati. He again showed an impressive performance in Super Bowl XXIV, winning five touchdown passes with a score of 55-10 against the Denver Broncos.

His leadership in his team made the San Francisco 49ers unstoppable.

Image of Joe Montana in black dress

His skills and ability were among the greatest; Joe Montana left a powerful performance in history that made every player look up to him. He later retired in 1995 and was listed in the Hall of Fame of Pro Football on July 29, 2000.

Regardless of where he goes, avid fans and football players will always recognize him as one of the greatest and most prominent professional football players in history.

Who is the First Wife of athlete Joe Montana? Discover more about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Joe Montana was Married to his Ex-Wife: Kim Moses

Joe Montana’s first wife was his childhood best friend, Kim Moses. They have the same hometown, became best friends, and gradually fell in love. Kim Moses was his partner in crime since they were in high school. Then he decided to get married in 1974 when he was 18 years old.

However, their happy marriage only lasted for three years, and they decided to file a divorce. The reason for their parting ways is not revealed. Sources also do not provide any details about what happened during their marriage.

Kim Moses’ Biography

Kim Moses was only known as Joe Montana’s first wife. People only identified her as Joe Montana’s first wife and high school sweetheart. We cannot give you details about her age, family, career, or any other information.

She lay low and stayed a low profile after their divorce. She does not have any social media. We also cannot discern if she has a new husband. We will surely update this matter once a piece of further information regarding Kim Moses emerges.

Joe Montana’s Kids

Joe Montana and Kim Moses did not produce any children, despite being married for three years. However, Joe Montana had children in his third marriage: Nicholas Alexander, Nathaniel Joseph, Elizabeth Jean, and Alexandra Whitney.

Image of Jennifer Montana with wife and kids Nicholas Alexander, Nathaniel Joseph, Elizabeth Jean, and Alexandra Whitney

They are now mature adults, Nathaniel and Nicholas followed Joe Montana and became football players, but Nathaniel had an early retirement on the football field. While Alexandra was a kid star in America earlier in her childhood, Elizabeth became an actress.

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