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Jim Shockey is Married to Wife: Louise Shockey. Kids.

Image of Jim Shockey with his wife, Louise Shockey

The Outdoor Channel has starred a lot of personalities in their shows in recent years, one of them is Jim Shockey. He is a writer and host of the show Jim Shockey’s Uncharted: Yukon.

Besides being an actor, he is also a producer who has worked for many titles such as The Professionals and Hunting Adventures. With his Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel rank in the Canadian Armed Forces, Jim shows that he still got it despite being sixty-five years old.

With the busy career of the writer, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Jim Shockey’s wife.

Jim Shockey is Married to Wife: Louise Shockey

Image of Jim Shockey with his wife, Louise Shockey
Jim Shockey with his wife, Louise Shockey

During the filming of his show, the actor and host experienced many problems and setbacks in his way. But this did not faze him because he knew that there was someone supporting him.

According to various sources, Jim Shockey’s marital status is already married. He tied the knot with fellow actor Louise Shockey.

Although there are no clear information about their relationship, it is said that the ceremony happened in the 1980s when they were still young. Learning from the ups and downs, the couple started to raise their own family after settling down.

But the married couple received a dreadful news in the recent years when Louise was diagnosed of lung cancer.

Who is Louise Shockey?

Image of Louise Shockey
Louise Shockey is an actress. She is known for her few appearances and also as Jim Shockey’s wife.

The television show host has been in the industry for a long time. His words echoed through different generations of viewers.

Alongside him is his partner in crime Louise Shockey. She is a celebrity herself.

During her heyday, Jim Shockey’s wife worked as an actress and appeared in many different shows. In her Instagram, with more than five thousand followers, she posts images of her daily life and pictures of her kids.

Recently, Jim Shockey’s wife had a life-changing battle with lung cancer. The family manages to stay strong as they face a grave future ahead of them.

Jim Shockey’s Kids

Jim Shockey’s wife is suffering from a life-threatening disease. Despite the harsh reality of their situation, the writer said that there is a silver lining in the challenges that they are facing.

The family got closer because of their mother’s cancer. Jim’s kids, who are twins, visited their parents more often since the diagnosis. The writer’s kids are Branlin and Eva. They are both adult women now and have their own respective families.

In recent years, Jim and Louise became grandparents. Their daughter, Eva, gave birth to their grandkid named Bow Brent.

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