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Jim Jackson is Married to Wife: Shawnee Simms.

Image of Jim Jackson with his wife, Shawnee Simms

The recent College Basketball Hall of Fame saw the induction of legendary players Jim Jackson. The former professional athlete played for fourteen years in the  National Basketball Association before hanging up the boots in 2007.

His collegiate basketball career was spent with the Ohio State Buckeyes. His time with the team was one of the highlights of his career, averaging over sixteen points per game in two seasons.

Jackson’s entrance into the league was due to the Dallas Mavericks picking him fourth overall in the 1992 draft. After his time there, he went on to play for different teams with a total of twelve units in his lengthy NBA career.

With the busy career of the basketball player, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Jim Jackson’s wife.

Jim Jackson is Married to Wife: Shawnee Simms

Image of Jim Jackson with his wife, Shawnee Simms
Jim Jackson with his wife, Shawnee Simms

The former NBA star has amassed a huge following due to his highlight plays when he was still active. His relationship with Mike Tyson also made him gain more fans due to the legend’s status.

With this in mind, many fans ask who Jim Jackson’s wife is? To answer that question, the spouse of the basketball player is named Shawnee Simms.

The two started as friends when Jim was still a player. Due to shared interests, the two decided to date seriously and eventually got married.

The ceremony where they tied the knot was held on the 6th day of July in 2002. The married couple recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their time together.

Who is Shawnee Simms?

Shawnee Simms is the known partner of Jim Jackson. The lovely woman is a celebrity on her own.

Jim Jackson’s wife worked for the likes of boxing legend Mike Tyson and other American professional athletes. Her professional career revolved around managing players and negotiating their contracts.

Before her marriage to Jim, Shawnee was previously in a serious relationship. She was involved with former professional basketball athlete Tammy Winston resulting in the birth of their son.

Despite her social status, Jim Jackson’s wife does not want to be in the presence of the media. She prefers to live in solitude alongside the company of her closest family and friends.

Jim Jackson’s Kids

The union between Jim and Shawnee resulted in a happy family. With the blessing of the Father above, they raise a loving son named Zavier Jackson.

The couple wants their kids to live an everyday life without celebrity status, and because of this, they decided to make his information hidden from the public.

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