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Jessica Kirson is Married to Wife: Danielle Sweeney. Kids.

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Image of Jessica Kirson with her wife, Danielle Sweeney

If you have watched The King of Staten Island, you may be surprised to know that Jessica Kirson is one of the genius minds behind it. She works as a producer and writer for the show, which did a lot of positive reviews in 2020.

Jessica Kirson is an American producer, writer, and actress who worked for different titles in recent years. One of her most notable works is the 2016 hit film that starred Robert De Niro, The Comedian.

Speaking of comedians, she is a comic herself. Jessica is well-known for her ability to perform stand-up comedy with brilliant writing and script.

With the busy career of the actor, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Jessica Kirson’s wife.

Jessica Kirson is Married to Wife: Danielle Sweeney

Image of Jessica Kirson with her wife, Danielle Sweeney

Jessica Kirson with her wife, Danielle Sweeney

As a comedian and actress, time is one of the most important resources because of how the profession takes a toll on the body. But this is not a hindrance to the talented woman from finding love.

But who is Jessica Kirson’s wife? The actress’ spouse is Danielle Sweeney.

The lesbian couple has been together for six happy years. They exchanged vows in a private marriage back in the September of 2014.

Despite the harsh words, the couple remains strong and raises their kids with good intentions all the time.

Who is Danielle Sweeney?

Jessica Kirson’s wife is the lovely Danielle Sweeney. She rose to prominence after being married to a famous actor/writer.

Just like her wife, Danielle identifies as a lesbian. According to Jessica Kirson’s wife, being a part of the LGBT community is not easy.

Besides being a supportive wife to Jessica, Danielle is a full-time parent to their four kids. But because of the people who bash the gender, Jessica Kirson’s wife said that it is a challenge being an out-lesbian who is raising kids.

Despite the celebrity’s status, Jessica Kirson’s wife does not like being in front of the cameras. She prefers having a private life and wants to keep her details to herself.

Jessica Kirson’s Kids

The union between Jessica and Danielle could not be sweeter after they revealed their twins. The married couple has a total of four kids.

Their first child is named Zoe. According to the parents, she takes care of her younger siblings whenever possible.

Their second child is named Bella. And the couple’s youngest are the twins, who recently celebrated their second birthday.

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