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Jessica Andrade is Married to Wife: Fernanda Gomes

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Image of Jessica Andrade with their wife, Fernanda Gomes

Jessica Fernanda da Costa Andrade is a mixed martial arts fighter who hailed from Brazil. She is presently under a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship, wherein she participates in the division of Flyweight.

On the 25th of September was when the MMA fighter was born. Her birthplace was identified to be Parana, Brazil.

Her professional career as a fighter was started on the 6th of September, 2011. She became a veteran in her chosen field of sports at 19.

According to reports, the mixed martial artist identifies herself as a lesbian. Jessica Andrade’s wife frequently appears publicly with her during matches.

Are you curious about Jessica Andrade’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about her, including her married life and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article. 

Jessica Andrade is Married to Fernanda Gomes     

Image of Jessica Andrade with her wife, Fernanda Gomes

Jessica Andrade with her wife, Fernanda Gomes

As a prominent figure in mixed martial arts, details about the love life of Andrade are frequently searched on the internet. As of 2022, Jessica Andrade is already married to a wife named Fernanda Gomes.

The MMA fighter proposed to her girlfriend during the UFC 211 in 2017. It was a very happy event even though the athlete lost to her competitor.

The year 2019 was very special to the couple. It was the year when they officially became married couples.

According to reports, they were unified under the sanctity of marriage in Las Vegas. Presently, they are known to be residing in Brazil.

Jessica Andrade’s wife is beside her through good and bad times. There was a report stating that the couple was robbed at gunpoint.

It was a draining event for both of them. Because of the incident, they went to see a therapist to heal the trauma that they were experiencing.

The couple is currently living together and maintains a low-key relationship. In an interview, the MMA fighter once mentioned that they prefer living away from the spotlight because she experienced its wrong side personally.

She added that she does not want her wife to experience what she went through. People are always quick to judge, and she does not want her wife to be exposed to that kind of environment.

 Who is Fernanda Gomes?          

Jessica Andrade’s wife rose to fame when the fighter proposed to Fernanda during one of her fights. It is known that they had been dating for a long time before the proposal.

According to reports, Gomes is a biologist. Details about her schooling were not known to the media as of this writing.

The fighter also mentioned that her partner is also interested in Jiu-Jitsu. Most of the time, they post each other on their respective accounts during training.

As to what the fighter has revealed, Fernanda is often seen practicing with her father. He is also the one who is helping Jessica in her routines.

Information about the early life and career of Gomes is not available to the public. We will surely update this article once reports are published about her.          

Jessica Andrade’s Kids 

Due to their sexual preferences, the couple does not have any kids as of 2022. Nonetheless, they are looking forward to having one in the future.

According to the mixed martial arts fighter herself, they would like to start a family once they can afford to raise a child. It would be possible through artificial insemination.

She added that the decision is mutual, and they both want to have their own kids. They see themselves raising a beautiful family.

The fighter seemed enthusiastic while speaking about having her own family with her long-time girlfriend, now wife. She also mentioned that they only talked about it, but it’s now more likely to happen.

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