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Is Jesse Lingard Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Jesse Lingard with his daughter

Jesse Lingard is an English football player that plays professionally in the  Premier League. He plays the position of attacking midfield and winger.

During his youth, the football star won the 2010–11 FA Youth Cup and was part of Manchester United’s youth academy. Jesse made his start in 2012 after being loaned for a month.

After this, he was a part of Manchester United’s 19-man team in the 2013 preseason. He continued playing for the team and has achieved numerous successes from 2011-to 2022.

Lingard also has appearances for the England National Team. He has had a total of 6 goals throughout his young career for the squad.

Curious about the football player’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Jesse Lingard’s wife and relationship status.

Jesse Lingard’s Relationship Status

Image of Jesse Lingard with ex-wife, Rebecca Halliday, and their daughter
Jesse Lingard with ex-wife, Rebecca Halliday, and their daughter

The football player has scored goals and captured hearts. His time in Manchester United has created a lot of memorable moments which makes fans wonder what his relationship status is.

Jesse Lingard is currently single. According to sources, the young star has had a number of relationships in the past but he does not have a romantic commitment presently.

Lingard has a previous relationship that resulted into a lovely daughter. Jesse Lingard has dated the Instagram famous, Rebecca Halliday.

The two met in a club in Manchester. They then fell for each other and had a relationship.

But the spark did not last for long. They eventually split because of things that did not agreed upon.

But the ex-lovebirds are currently in a happy state and takes turns taking care of their daughter.

Jesse Lingard’s Ex-wife: Rebecca Halliday              

The famous football player has had ups and downs in his life. One of the challenges he faced was when he and his ex-wife broke up.

Rebecca Halliday is Jesse Lingard’s ex-wife. She is an operations manager that deals with personal training in the Manchester area.

She finished her schooling in England and continued her passion in the fitness industry. Jesse Lingard’s ex-wife also has a clothing business that specializes on children’s accessories.

The lovely woman is a well-known social media personality with over 30,000 followers. Besides her work, she also takes care of their daughter.

Jesse Lingard’s Kids

Image of Jesse Lingard with his daughter
Jesse Lingard with his daughter

Being a football player has taken its tolls on the young ace. He told in an interview the hardships of being a player and a father at the same time.

The daughter of Jesse was revealed after he posted her in his social media accounts. She is the daughter of the football player with his ex-wife, Rebecca.

But the personal details of the kid remain a mystery to the public.

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