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Jeremy Rowley is Married to Wife: Danielle Morrow. Kids.

Image of Jeremy Rowley with his wife, Danielle Morrow

If you are one of the avid viewers of the show iCarly, you probably know who Jeremy Rowley is. He plays the character of Lewbert Sline, who is a cranky adult in the show.

His acting career was filled with roles that were more on the extreme side. A few notable performances of the actor are 1999’s Charmed and 2007’s Drake and Josh.

After iCarly, he moved on to different tv series. The actor has appeared in more than fifteen shows, including films and music videos. 

With the busy career of the actor, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Jeremy Rowley’s wife.

Jeremy Rowley is Married to Wife: Danielle Morrow

Image of Jeremy Rowley with his wife, Danielle Morrow
Jeremy Rowley with his wife, Danielle Morrow

iCarly was one of the most-watched by the 12-15 age group of the time. With most of them growing up, they got curious about the casts’ relationship status.

In Lewbert’s case, he already has a partner in his life. Jeremy exchanged vows with Danielle Morrow in 2016.

Working for the same show seems like a dream for some couples. In Jeremy’s case, this was a dream come true as he married his co-star in iCarly.

The union of the two resulted in a cute baby boy. Many fans await if the power couple will have another kid after settling down together.

Who is Danielle Morrow?

Jeremy Rowley’s wife is an American woman named Danielle Morrow. Her fame came from her time with the worldwide hit Nickelodeon tv series iCarly.

Born on the twenty-second of October in the year 1993, Jeremy Rowley’s wife grew up in Westlake, California. Her childhood was spent mostly with her family.

Jeremy Rowley’s wife portrayed the role of Nora Dershlit. Some fans say that her portrayal of the mentally deranged character was spot on.

Her debut in the tv industry happened in 2006 when she was part of the action sci-fi tv series Heroes. She also was hired to work alongside fellow iCarly star Jennette McCurdy in the 2013 Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat.

Jeremy Rowley’s Kids

With the seven-year relationship of the power couple, it comes as no surprise that they have already started raising a family of their own. Jeremy and Danielle are blessed with a baby boy.

Danielle’s pregnancy was documented on her Instagram account. Although the baby’s name is not yet revealed, it is known that he was born in the year 2017.

The couple is keen to hide the identity and personal details of the boy. This is the exact reason why his information is not yet known.

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