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Jeremy Hales is Married to Wife: George Hales. Kids.

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Image of Jeremy Hales with his wife, George Hales

Jeremy Hales is a famous YouTuber specializing in reselling and storage unit bids. The famous YouTuber Jeremy is a YouTube sensation who makes many amusing videos.

If you enjoy the feeling of Treasure Hunt, check out Jeremy and his wife George’s YouTube channel, “What The Hales.” His YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers and 60 million views. The famous YouTuber Jeremy is one of the most popular YouTubers right now.

The famous YouTuber Jeremy’s videos are creative and humorous, even though he doesn’t have a million subscribers.

Read this article further to discover the relationship details of The famous YouTuber. His wife, George Hales, and their kids. Find out by reading this article.

Jeremy Hales has been married to his wife, George Hales, since 2012


The famous YouTuber has been married to his wife, George, since 2012. Since they were married, the two have lived a happy and fulfilling life together.

Many individuals all across the world admire the vlogger. But the credit does not go just to him; his wife George, who is also a part of their YouTube channel, deserves praise.

Unfortunately, the couple has no public information about how they met, how they fell in love, or their love story.

Jeremy Hales and his wife George, we think, do not want the spotlight in their Marriage.

George Hales’ Biography

George is known for being part of the famous YouTube channel “What the Hales” with her husband. They resell on eBay and bids on a storage unit. Jeremy’s wife was born in the United States on the 12th of May 1982 and is currently 39 years old.

Unfortunately, George’s and siblings’ names were not known in public. But don’t worry; we will update this article if we find any information.

Is Jeremy Hales married to an ex-wife? Or has an ex-girlfriend?

Unfortunately, the famous YouTuber Jeremy Hales’ ex-wife or ex-girlfriend was not available in public.

We assume that the YouTuber is a low-key person because he preferred privacy in his life and didn’t share anything about his past relationships.

Jeremy Hales’ Kids

As of 2022, The famous YouTuber and his wife George have no children together.

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