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Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Xo’s Real Name, Net Worth, Facts

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Images of a YouTube sensation, Jelly Rolls

Jason DeFord is a musical artist known to many as Jelly Roll. This huge rapper from Nashville came to prominence thanks to his songs in collaboration with famous names like Haystak, Lil Wyte, Tech N9ne, and Struggle Jennings. With nearly two million subscribers on YouTube, Jelly Roll is making its mark.

But above all the accomplishments, perhaps one of the best things that happened in Jelly’s life is his marriage. In Jelly’s words, his wedding proved to be a lifesaver and made him what he is today. In times like this, fans often wonder who helped this rapper become popular.

But Jelly does not keep his marriage a secret at all. And his wife is most certainly not the one that hides behind the curtain.

Who is Jelly Roll Wife?

As of 2021, Jelly Roll is happily married to an aesthetic woman named Bunnie Xo. People call Bunnie all sorts of things, including a call girl, influencer, gold digger, etc. But for Jelly, she is his everything.

Apart from appealing looks, Jelly’s wife, from Las Vegas, is a YouTube sensation famously known for her podcast, Dumb Blonde. Though Bunnie Xo wanted to be a radio DJ initially, she went through a rough road in her life but ended up being a strong influencer in the end.

Bunnie Xo does not refrain from accepting that she was a prostitute but a proud one. Unlike those living in the back alley streets, Bunnie had a high status and got paid more than others. Recently, Bunnie had a new photoshoot session for Playboy magazine.

Regardless, Bunnie has left her past ever since marrying Jelly. Moreover, Jelly’s wife is now an influencer who influences thousands of followers. Her Youtube channel has 85k subscribers, and her Instagram page has 643k followers.

How Jelly Roll Met Wife, Bunnie Roll

In an interview, Jelly recalls that he met Bunnie during one of his concerts. At the time, Jelly Roll was traveling states and performing every stage for hundred bucks a show. Bunnie happened to attend Jelly’s concert alongside her ex-husband. Moreover, Jelly and Bunnie met backstage as Bunnie wanted to form a business alliance with Jelly handing him with contents of the proposal.

Though Bunnie was someone else’s wife at the time, she fell in love with Jelly as she was not happy with her former husband. When Jelly met Bunnie, he was completely broke and resided in a van as he had no home. On the other hand, Bunnie was a rich woman who had condos, apartments, and sportscars.

Bunnie and Jelly almost instantly felt that the two had the proper connection on their first meeting alone. Jelly spent that night in his van but the other night on Bunnie’s couch.

Bunnie Roll with her current husband, Jelly Roll
A YouTube sensation, Bunnie Roll, and his current husband, Jelly Roll.


The next time Bunnie and Jelly met was in someone else’s concert in Vegas. This time, they decided to be together and wanted to get married on the same night. Moreover, at midnight of the night, Bunnie and Jelly rushed over to a nearby courthouse and registered themselves as husband and wife.

Ever since then, though Bunnie could only gather thousands of followers for herself, she helped Jelly get millions of fans. The talented rapper that he is, Bunnie, assisted Jelly by appearing in his music videos which quickly attracted the viewers.

It is not sure when Jelly and Bunnie walked down the aisle, but Jelly confirmed in a podcast that he is married to his wife for almost six years now. During this time, Jelly had his first biological son named Noah Buddy DeFord, born on August 26, 2016.

Besides Jelly’s 5-year-old son, he also has a beautiful 13-year-old daughter named Bailee Ann, who came to this world before her parents wedded. Bailee is a makeup artist, TikToker, and a musician like her father.

Net Worth

Years of modeling, singing, and unholy activities for money have helped Bunnie make a huge earning. But her recent work as her popular podcast host has boosted her wealth even more. As of 2021, Bunnie has a worth of $2 million.

As of now, Bunnie spends most of her time modeling and handling Dumb Blonde. Her podcast is getting successful lately with famous celebrities attending as guests. Bunnie’s husband is making a wealth of similar figures as well.


Bunnie Xo Age and DoB

Bunnie Xo celebrates her birthday on January 21 and her birth year is 1995. Though Bunnie has lived a significant part of her life in Vegas, she originated from Nashville by being born in Jefferson Davis Hospital.

Bunnie Xo Real Name

Bunnie is available on various social media platforms as Bunnie Xo. Though her real name seems to be unknown, Bunnie shares her husband’s name after marriage. This is why we can now see the Dumb Blonde’s real name as Bunnie DeFord.

Bunnie Xo looking hot in sexiest outfit
The sexiest model, Bunnie Xo, wife of Jelly Roll.

Bunnie Xo Previous Marriages

In one of Bunnie’s episodes in Dumb Blonde, Bunnie revealed that she had married three times where marriage with Jelly Roll was her third. The first marriage resulted in a quick divorce just five months after the official wedding when Bunnie’s first husband went to prison.

Abusive Relationship

Similarly, Bunnie’s second husband, Jay, was an abusive man who nearly killed Bunnie on numerous occasions. Bunnie’s second had broken her orbital bones, larynx, eye blood vessels, choked her, and put her in immense emotional trauma. Moreover, when Brunnie visited a doctor, the doctor said that he had only seen such wounds on a dead person’s body.

Bunnie, who could sing like an angel, could no longer have that ability thanks to those punishments. She spent five years of a problematic relationship with this lunatic before meeting Jelly.

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