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JD Pardo is Married to Wife: Emily Frlekin. Kids.

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Image of JD Pardo and Emily Frlekin with their kids

JD Pardo is a name that may not ring a bell much but is someone that has appeared on the big screen for years now. His contribution is not even small-time, but rather top-grossing films and famous franchises in Hollywood.

He is a recognized actor that has roles in the Fast and Furious Franchise and has worked with A-list celebrities such as John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is known to play the half-brother of Dominic Toretto, who the only Vin Diesel played.

Aside from that, his face can also be seen as the leading character named Ezekiel Reyes in FX’s crime drama TV show Mayans M.C. In addition to that, he also appeared before to the hit romantic fantasy movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

The actor is focused on the set of films he has been shooting lately, such as The Contractor and Hypnotic. He may not be considered what people would call an A-list celebrity yet, but the future holds an incredible journey for this actor.

Who is JD Pardo’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

JD Pardo is Married to Wife Emily Frlekin since 2010

Image of JD Pardo with his wife, Emily Frlekin
JD Pardo with his wife, Emily Frlekin

Jorge Daniel Pardo’s Wife is a fantastic partner for someone like him to be with. Their love story goes way back to the mid to late 2000s.

Although they are not the type of couple to overshare and post everything on social media, we all know they love each other wholeheartedly. Sources state that the couple is already seeing each other for a while before JD Pardo’s wife decided to marry.

JD Pardo’s Previous Relationships

JD Pardo’s wife is a lucky woman because she is the only one who can capture the actor’s heart successfully. Despite his physique and handsome looks, it seems as though this is a man that is difficult to seduce.

Source state that he only had one relationship before in his lifetime, and that was with his wife, Emily. A loyal and loving man with a bank account that is enough to supply your needs, it cannot get any better than that.

Emily Frlekin’s Biography

Like her partner, Emily Frlekin is also a quiet and introverted type of person. Amid all the cameras and eyes that were constantly looking at her husband, her private life was kept out of the noses of the public.

However, there is still quite some information regarding her. She is a project head at a non-profit organization known as The Black Card Circle Foundation.

Emily oversees a lot of the company’s projects that mostly revolve around helping the fields of education, environment, public health, poverty, and global progress.

JD Pardo’s Kids

Image of JD Pardo with his daughter
JD Pardo with his daughter

A decade into their marriage, the couple was blessed to have a daughter. She was brought into this world last 2018 and is currently turning four years old this year.

The couple is yet to release any vital information about their kid, including her name and other personal details.

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