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Jayson Tatum Wife-to-Be Girlfriend Ella Mai.

Image of Jayson Tatum with his son, Jayson Tatum, Jr.

Jayson Christopher Tatum is a beloved basketball player across Boston, U.S., representing Boston Celtics in National Basketball Association.

Most recently, Jayson recovered from Covid and resumed his training. A top-notch player like Jayson has a style of play and presence in matches that inspires many young basketball fans.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, this Duke University graduate was excellent from the get-go, so he has earned massive success and recognition so far.

But apart from his outstanding career, Jayson’s beloved fans have also taken curiosity about his life outside the court.

So far, the 23-year-old basketball player who has a wealth of $25 million is the father of a child. However, Jayson’s complicated love life shows that he is dating a different woman than his child’s mother.

So far, Jayson is dating his new girlfriend but cannot marry her as Jayson is occupied with his studded career.

Regardless, it is only time before Jayson announces his marriage date.

Jayson Tatum’s Girlfriend

Image of Jayson Tatum and his girlfriend, Ella Mai
Jayson Tatum and his girlfriend, Ella Mai

Fans are eager to find out who this wealthy basketball player of the Boston Celtics has in his life. Everyone knows that despite getting a winning career at a young age, Jayson has a shattered love life.

Perhaps immature success got the better of Jayso, resulting in a premature relationship and consequences.

Before Jayson even finished his adolescence period, he already committed to a relationship and had a child.

But ever since hearing the splitting of Boston Celtic’s number zero, no one ever heard of Jayson’s new affair until it was revealed to be Ella Mai.

Who is Ella Mai?

Image of Jayson Tatum's girlfriend, Ella Mai
Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend, Ella Mai

Ella Mai is a decent singer who slowly sees the daylight apart from sharing her boyfriend’s spotlight. Perhaps because of Ella associating with Jayso, her musical career has skyrocketed.

But even before meeting Jayson, Ella was destined to be a star.

This American songwriter and singer with a unique mixed heritage of Jamaica and Ireland released Trip and nearly 3.32 million YouTube subscribers loved it.

A New Yorker born on November 3, 1994, the 27-year-old singer takes inspiration from her mother, Ella Fitzgerald, an American Jazz musician.

Ella grew up in Londo for most of her life, where she studied at Queens High School and picked up her love for sports and music.

After learning music from London’s British and Irish Modern Music Institute in 2014, Ella also appeared for an audition in British X-factor as a part of a trio.

Ella’s first piece of solo track was Troubled, which paved the path for her successful music career.

Giving numerous hit songs and winning several music awards in the process, Ella Mai’s career is on par with her new boyfriend.

Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai’s first meeting

Sources claim that they started seeing each other near the start of 2019. The same year, Ellaa grabbed her first Grammy award and started gaining fame.

In October, people spotted Ella at Jayson’s house, which confirmed that the two were dating.

Sources claim that Jayson left his former girlfriend to lock up with Ella.

Initially, many thought that the athlete only broke up to hook up with Ella.

To this date, neither Ella nor Jayson have brought their relationship to the public.

But the media believes that Ella and Jayson are in a serious relationship because of their public flirting through Instagram posts.

Jayson has been seen replying many times to the singer’s posts praising her charms and Ella replying in a flirty manner.

Furthermore, rumor goes by saying that Jayson visited one of her concerts in Baltimore.

Despite being a famous couple with millions of fans, Jayson and Ella have kept their personal life a secret.

Regardless, it is true that they have stayed strong in their relationship for more than two years despite being busy in their careers.

For Ella, the veteran song artist’s love life started with her first-ever love with the current basketball superstar.

Jayson Tatum’s Previous Relationship

Image of Jayson Tatum's ex-partner , Toriah, and their son, Jayson Tatum, Jr.
Jayson Tatum’s ex-partner , Toriah, and their son, Jayson Tatum, Jr.

When it came to the news that Jayson and Ella were dating, many were confused as Jayson already had a girlfriend then.

After a closer inspection, it came to light that Jayson had two other relationships simultaneously, which made his love life more complicated.

Previously, Jayson simultaneously dated Samie, a volleyball player from Jayson’s college, and Torah Lachell, a hairstylist in Boston.

Jayson’s first was Samie, and he cheated on her for Torah, as confirmed by Samie herself. With Torah, Jayson had a child as well but later broke up.

However, some reports claim that Jayson and Torah parted ways because he was eyeing Ella.

Jayson Tatum’s Child

Image of Jayson Tatum and his son, Deuce
Jayson Tatum and his son, Deuce

Jayson’s son is Jayson Tatum Jr, whom the father also calls Deuce. Deuce was born to Jayson and his then-girlfriend Torah in 2017, and Deuce shares a resemblance with Torah.

At the time of Deuce’s birth, Jayson was only 19 years of age. Nevertheless, an immature father took care of his son with all his heart and never thought of dropping the baby.

After turning a year old, Deuce’s mother left him with his father.

Though the mother shuns her child, Jayson loves him and has a tattoo of him on his body, proudly showing off to everyone.

Furthermore, Deuce has made many public appearances with his father.

Recently, Deuce appeared on his father’s Instagram, where Jayson wished him a happy birthday on his third birthday.

Ella has no way of not knowing his current love’s child and past affairs.

However, they are still close as theyfrequently  appear at each other’s housey.

Whether or not Ella prefers to give motherly love to Deuce is yet to be seen.

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