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Jay Bilas is Married to Wife: Wendy Bilas

Image of Jay Bilas with his wife Wendy Bilas

A game analyst, a former basketball player, and a coach, he is Jay Bilas. He was once featured on ESPN as one of the top men’s college basketball games back in college. In 2015, he was already in ESPN’s Saturday Primetime.

Jay Bilas might be one of the most loyal employees as he worked in ESPN since 1995 before his debut as an analyst in 2005. Before being in Saturday Primetime, he has been on ESPN for a long time.

Jay Bilas also has the one who covered the Men’s Final Four and ESPN International. He was nominated for the Emmy award six times, being a Studio Analyst in 2007, 2008, and 2010, and selected as Outstanding Sports Personality.

While in the years 2016, 2017, and 2019, he was again nominated for Outstanding Sports Personality, this time for being an Event Analyst.

Is former basketball player and coach Jay Bilas Wedded? Learn more about the details of his personal life in this article.

Jay Bilas has been Married to his Wife, Wendy Bilas, since 1995

Jay Bila’s wife is a professional artist, Wendy Bilas. They have been married for two decades and seven years now. They did not disclose details of their meeting or where the wedding occurred.

They chose to keep their love life away from the media’s spotlight. They have always seen different events, and the couple is going strong until now.

Image of Jay Bilas and his wife Wendy Bilas

Jay Bilas’ Past Relationships

There are no sources that say Jay Bilas had entered a relationship before marrying her wife. The only woman he had ever loved was his current wife. They might be soulmates forever, and their tie will never be a break.

Jay Bilas is a supportive husband; he never failed to attend her spouse’s events. That’s why it is not surprising that Jay Bilas never had a relationship aside from Wendy Bilas because he was very in love with her.

Wendy Bilas’ Biography

You need to know about Jay Bilas’ wife, Wendy Bilas. She is a contemporary painter who gives therapeutic emotions through her works. She was born in Western Maryland.

Her creativity gives her color and passion boldness, allowing her to inspire other artists. Wendy Bilas was inspired by classic expressionists and later used her imagination to create a soulful work.

She was named Art with Heart in North Carolina as an emerging artist. She has a studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, and all her paintings reside in Sozo Gallery and auctions such as charity art.

Jay Bilas’ Kids

Jay Bilas and Wendy Bilas have two children. Their daughter, Tori Bilas, was born on the 14th of September 1994, while their son was born on the 23rd of September 1996.

Both of the couple’s children have grown with successful careers. Their son, like his father, is a basketball player or former basketball player.

Anthony Bilas said it was an honor to be in a court, and indeed, like his father, he will be a successful lad. He was positioned as a guard on the basketball court when he became a player at West Forest University.

He played 23 games while in college and eventually quit being a basketball player as he graduated.

Image of Jay Bilas and his wife Windy Bilas and kids Anthony Bilas, Tori Bilas

While Anthony Bilas followed his father’s career, Tori Bilas, on the other hand, inherited her talent from her mother. She has undeniable skills in sketching and oil painting and has a website and Instagram account dedicated to showcasing her works. Apart from being an artist, she is also a horse rider. Her love for animals, especially horses, started in middle school.

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