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Jason Newsted is Married to Wife: Nicole Leigh Smith. Kids

Image of Jason Newsted with his wife, Nicole Leigh Smith

Jason Curtis Newsted is a prominent member of Metallica, which peaked in the year 1986 and disbanded in the year 2001. He was well-known for assuming the role of the bassist of a heavy metal band.

Some of the albums he co-produced are Metallica, Reload, Load, …And Justice for All. He left Metallica due to an undisclosed reason and joined several bands with the same genre under the nickname Jasonic.

Because of his notable contribution to the band, he was placed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. His name was listed under his first band, Metallica.

Due to the successful career of the bassist, people are wondering if Jason Newsted’s wife already exists. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage, past relationships, and kids.

Jason Newsted in Married to Wife: Nicole Leigh Smith

Image of Jason Newsted with his wife, Nicole Leigh Smith
Jason Newsted with his wife, Nicole Leigh Smith

As one of the most admired bassists in the world, questions about Jason Newsted’s wife are frequently asked during interviews. He is an open book regarding discussions about his dating status.

He does not deny that he is already committed to a long-term marital relationship. The woman who holds the title of Jason Newsted’s wife is a lady under the name register of Nicole Leigh Smith.

The couple legalized their union in October of 2012. They have been married for two decades already, and controversies are nowhere near their partnership.

Jason Newsted’s wife was admired by many because of her unconditional love for the bassist. When the former Metallica band member injured his arm, Jason Newsted’s wife set up a painting place for him to pass the time while waiting for his recovery.

The bassist’s love for art also served as his therapy during tough times. Luckily, he has a supportive wife to be there for him through better and worse.

Jason Newsted’s Past Relationships

It is public knowledge that Nicole Leigh Smith is the second Jason Newsted’s wife. The first Jason Newsted’s wife is named Judy Newsted.

Their marriage occurred sometime in 1988. But not later than two years, the couple decided to part ways.

It is still a mystery why the previous Jason Newsted’s wife filed for a divorce. Nevertheless, the couple did not speak ill of each other when their separation was legalized.

Most people assume it was because of the former Metallica member’s line of work. When they got married, Jason was still a struggling member of the band, which forced him to dedicate most of his time to proving himself to be worthy of the position he used to be in.

Jason Newsted’s Kids

Both marriages of the bassist did not result in any children. However, he said that he wants to have kids of his own, but it is not his choice to make.

Being married, Jason Newsted’s wife and him must be on the same page, especially since having children is a lifelong commitment. Furthermore, he mentioned that he wants his kids to grow up with the privilege of choosing what they want in life.

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