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Jason Nash was Married to Ex-Wife: Marney Hochman.

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Image of Jason Nash with his kids

From his popularity on the now inactive social media platform Vine, Jason Eric Nash, and his friends’ antics have entertained and made millions of people laugh all across various platforms. He is an internet personality, an actor, a comedian, a writer, and a director.

He has his own set of various movies that he can proudly say were born out of his genius. As the famous app Vine closed its doors, windows of opportunities came rushing into the 48 years old the internet sensation’s life.

With David Dobrik and the rest of the Vlog Squad ensemble, they made people laugh and happy through online pranks and giveaways. Of course, not everything is colored and filled with rainbows and unicorns.

His career was also tainted with many controversies linked to sexual allegations and harassment, to outright sadism. People have called him and his friends a dangerous cult that kids and teens should watch out for.

Regardless, he still frequently pumps out content for his millions of followers.

Who is Jason Nash’s Ex-Wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Jason Nash’s Ex-Wife is Marney Hochman

Image of Jason Nash with his former wife, Marney Hochman
Jason Nash with his former wife, Marney Hochman

Even though he is in his late forties, the comedian has always had a young spirit within him. Being joined by young stars on the red carpet and other luxurious events in Hollywood, you’ll know that he is still young at heart.

Given the actor’s age, it’s impossible for him not to be attached romantically to any woman before. This is where his Ex-wife Marney Hochman comes into the picture.

Jason Nash’s Ex-wife and he reportedly tied the know back in 2007 and had a decade of married life before they mutually decided to separate. They filed for a divorce despite having two kids named Charley and Wyatt.

The exact reason for their separation is not apparent; however, given all the photos and videos that we have, it’s safe to say that she grew tired of her husband’s playful nature. Women being with him all the time and his quite energetic and amateurish vibe drove Jason Nash’s wife away from him.

Marney Hochman’s Biography

Jason Nash’s wife, Marney, was a fantastic woman who got her wealth and success through Hollywood. She appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows before, such as the Terriers, The Chicago Code, and The Last Resort.

In addition to that, she is also an entrepreneur and a famous figure on social media. Despite the fame and the recognition that her former lover had, she is an independent woman that can fend for herself quite nicely.

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