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Jason Lee is Married to Wife: Ceren Alkac

Image of Jason Lee with his wife, Ceren Alkac

Jason Michael Lee, commonly known as Jason Lee, is a renowned actor and formerly competed professionally in skateboarding from the USA. He is best recognized for his role as Earl Hickey in the romantic comedy television series “My Name Is Earl.”

For this performance, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actor in a Comedy TV Series in both 2005 and 2006. In the crime-comedy-drama television series “Memphis Beat,” he also had a recurring role as Dwight Hendricks.

Jason is a former professional skateboarder, co-founder, and co-owner of the company Stereo Skateboards. He and another skateboarder named Chris Pastras established the company in 1992.

Since its founding in 1992, Stereo has been in the business of producing skate videos in addition to manufacturing and distributing skateboard decks, equipment, and gear.

Are you interested in the wife, Jason Lee? Her biography? And also, Jason’s ex-wife? And kids? Then read this article to learn more.

Jason Lee has been Married to his Wife, Ceren Alkac, since 2008

Image of Jason Lee with his wife, Ceren Alkac

Jason Lee with his wife, Ceren Alkac

Jason and his wife Ceren have been married since July 1, 2008, and the couple enjoys a blissful marriage. They first crossed paths at a concert in the United Kingdom, and after a period during which Ceren relocated to the United States, they eventually became a couple.

At long last, they made their way down the aisle of their wedding, which took place in Norwalk, California, in the United States. Now, if we go a little further back in time than their wedding, we can see that they first became romantically involved with one another in September of 2007, dating for a total of ten months before marriage.

In addition, Jason Lee’s wife was already pregnant when they got married, and as a result, she gave birth to a daughter named Casper in the same year that they got married, on August 10, 2008. In addition, after they had been married for four years, they became parents to a son whom they called Sonny Lee.

Jason Lee’s wife considers herself a mother of four kids as the renowned actor has a kid in his first marriage named Pilot Inspektor. She is currently raising her third child, Alberta, who turns five years old this year. The life that the family of five now leads with joy and contentment.

Jason Lee’s Previous Relationships

Image of Jason Lee with his former partner, Carmen Llywelyn

Jason Lee with his former partner, Carmen Llywelyn

There was a time when Jason was married to a woman named Carmen Llywelyn, and they tied the knot in 1995. They were happy for years. However, they got separated in 2001.

After some time had passed, the actress clarified that the reason for their breakup was Jason’s dedication to the religion of Scientology. After the couple ended their marriage, Carmen claimed that the Church of Scientology had harassed her and referred to her as a “Suppressive Person.”

Additionally, they are the parents of a son whom they have named Pilot Inspektor.

Ceren Alkac’s Biography

Ceren Alkac is a famous actress and former model from the USA. She is best known for her roles in the films “Enormous” and the short drama film “After the Denim.”

Ceren is also known for being the wife of the well-known actor Jason Lee. Since she values protecting her privacy, Jason Lee’s wife has not spoken publicly about her early life or her childhood.

In addition, she has protected her parents’ privacy by not disclosing any information about them, allowing them to lead lives free from the scrutiny of the general public and the media. The exact date of Jason Lee’s wife’s birth has also not been disclosed.

However, until she makes her educational background openly available to the public, we won’t be able to determine whether or not Jason Lee’s wife possesses a high level of education.

Jason Lee’s Kids

Image of Jason Lee with his wife, Ceren Alkac, and their kids

Jason Lee with his wife, Ceren Alkac, and their kids

Pilot Inspektor Lee is the first child son of the renowned actor Jason and with ex-wife Carmen. Pilot Inspektor was born on September 28, 2003, and will turn 19 this year.

Following him is Casper Lee, Jason’s second child and son of his current wife, Ceren. Casper was born on August 10, 2008, and will turn 14 this year.

Sonny Lee is the third child of the renowned actor Jason and his lovely wife, Ceren. Sonny was born on June 16, 2012, and recently turned ten this year.

Lastly, Alberta Lee is the fourth child of Jason and his lovely Ceren. Alberta was born in the year 2017 and is currently five years old.

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