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Jason Ellis is Married to Wife: Katie Gilbert. Kids

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Image of Jason Ellis with his wife, Katie Gilbert

Jason Shane Ellis is a radio host, mixed martial artist, podcast host, singer, and ex-skateboarder from Australia. He hosts the radio program entitled The Jason Ellis Show.

The former skateboarder migrated to the United States when he was a year away from legality to pursue his skateboarding career. It began in the year 1985.

He made fortunes riding the board professionally. Unfortunately, his career ended in 2006 because of old age and emerging illness.

Are you curious about Jason Ellis’ wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, including his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article.

Jason Ellis is Married to Katie Gilbert.

Image of Jason Ellis with his wife, Katie Gilbert

Jason Ellis with his wife, Katie Gilbert

Because of the skills and talent of the MMA fighter, his love life is frequently looked up on the internet. According to sources, he is married to a wife named Katie Gilbert.

The couple has been married since August of 2017. They have a unique relationship because their sexuality does not conform to the norms of society.

They have been together for almost two decades. After dating for six years, the mixed martial arts fighter asked Gilbert to marry him.

Jason Ellis’ wife was asked to marry the radio host unusually. A “marry me?” tattoo is placed on the leg of the ex-skateboarder as a proposal to his beautiful girlfriend.

Their marriage is frequently a hot topic in the mainstream media because the MMA fighter identifies as bisexual while his wife claims to be pansexual. Their atypical relationship is looked up to because of their courage to speak openly about it.

According to reports, they are in an open marriage. The radio host admittedly let his wife open an Onlyfans account for them to get by.

The operation of the account started when the podcast host resigned from SiriusXM. According to the fighter himself, it does not bother him because he is confident with his sexuality and self. 

Jason Ellis’ Past Relationships 

The singer has been married twice in his life. His first wife was identified to be named Andrea Brown.

Andrea Brown is reportedly a stripper at a famous club. According to sources, their relationship turned out to be abusive, so they broke up.

The previous wife of Jason Ellis was the one beating up the MMA fighter all the time. It was allegedly because the radio host came home high from weeds he was not permitted to use. 

Jason Ellis’ Kids.

Katie Gilberts and Jason Ellis do not have kids of their own yet. However, the ex-skateboarder has his kids from his previous wife, Andrea.

Former Jason Ellis’ wife was birthed into two beautiful children. It was reported to be a boy and a girl.

Their daughter was named Devin, and the son was identified as Tiger.

Further details about their children were not released to the public. The arrangement of the couple regarding their kids was not apparent to the public after the separation.

It was most likely that Jason got custody of their kids because of his wife’s nature of work and history of abuse. Nevertheless, there were no confirmed reports regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, Jason and Katie’s marriage seems nowhere near having a child of their own. It was due to their sexuality.

According to reports, they don’t want to inflict pain upon a child because of how they identify to be as a couple. They added that this world might accept the community, but there are still bad guys who condemn being atypical. 

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