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Jamie Hyneman is Married to Wife: Eileen Walsh. Kids

Image of Jamie Hyneman with his wife, Eileen Walsh

Jamie Franklin Hyneman is a famous innovative person who came from the United States of America. He has established a name for himself in television by hosting MythBusters with Adam Savage.

Furthermore, he is the one who established M5 industries which cater to special effects which are his expertise. His innovative ideas enabled him to conceptualize and materialize robots such as Blendo and Sentry.

His most famous work is Wavecam which is used on sports events. The robot is a robotic camera system which is basically a drone to cover the whole event.

Because of his unusual ideas, people wonder if having Jamie Hyneman’s wife ever occurred to him. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his wife, marriage, and kids.

Jamie Hyneman is Married to his Wife: Eileen Walsh

Image of Jamie Hyneman
Jamie Hyneman is a science and mathematics teacher like his wife, Eileen

The inventions and the amazing brain of the entrepreneur are making people curious about the lady who owns the title as Jamie Hyneman’s wife. When asked, he is quick to respond and happily narrates their fairytale-like story.

The couple had their first encounter in the Virgin Islands. As an exhausted college student, the inventor took a time off and recharged in the said island in his boat.

A year is long enough to learn new skills that is why he became a certified dive master. The lovely duo met because Jamie Hyneman’s wife lives in the same town as a teacher/

The couple met in the year 1984. From there on, they shared a special bond which eventually ended up in marriage in 1989.

Being married for more than three decades, the couple’s bond is still strong because they share a lot of interests. Eileen as a teacher enjoys talking about science which is most likely placed to action by her husband.

Since then, she did not leave their side of Jamie and supported him in his ventures. As an innovator, the most important ingredient in attaining success is support and appreciation which he constantly receives from the lady who owns the title as Jamie Hyneman’s wife.

Who is Eileen Walsh?

Before tying the knot with the special effects master, Eileen Walsh is a math and science teacher in Northern California. She teaches at Encinal Junior and High School located in San Francisco Bay.

Jamie Hyneman’s wife is the reason why the host ended his take on homophobia due to unsolicited comments from men. She said that it is a compliment that even men are appreciating the looks and wit of Jaime.

Nothing much was disclosed about Jamie Hyneman’s wife because she only rose to fame when she married the inventor. Furthermore, she prefers to stay away from the limelight and only serve as a support system for her husband.

Jamie Hyneman’s Kids

Despite being married for a long time, Jamie Hyneman’s wife has not shared anything about having a child. According to sources, they have no kids listed under their name as of this writing.

It was once mentioned that the inventor does not entertain the idea of having kids because of his expertise in the field of science. The earth is getting worse as years go by that is why it is not ideal to raise a child.

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