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James Wan is Married to Wife: Ingrid Bisu. Kids.

Image of James Wan with his wife, Ingrid Bisu

James Wan is most famous for being a multitalented artist who is simultaneously a scriptwriter, comic book author, director and producer who is from Australia. His most famous works are namely Insidious, Saw, and The Conjuring.

Aside from the aforementioned expertise and work, he is also the owner of the production company called Atomic Monster Production. He is continually working towards the betterment of himself and his skills in his chosen line of work.

Being a multitalented artist, people are wondering if there is a particular James Wan’s wife who supports him in his endeavors. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage, wife, and kids.

James Wan is Married to Wife: Ingrid Bisu

Image of James Wan with his wife, Ingrid Bisu
James Wan with his wife, Ingrid Bisu

It is expected that the director will marry someone aligned with his passion. Many people are also curious if the lady who holds the title of James Wan’s wife already exists.

The comic book author is very vocal about the milestones he is achieving. He does not shy away from the fact that the title of James Wan’s wife is already taken by a lovely woman named Ingrid Bisu.

According to sources, the couple officiated their relationship by being engaged on the 22nd day of June in 2019. They were so elated that they were quick to share about their engagement in public through social media posts.

Four months after their engagement, the couple exchanged vows in November 2019. The specifics of the wedding were not disclosed to preserve its sanctity.

The couple preferred to stay low-key about their relationship. Due to their preference, they were able to move away from controversies and rumors to this day.

Who is Ingrid Bisu?

Ingrid Bisu is most prominent for being James Wan’s wife. Furthermore, she is already established in the film industry even before tying the knot with the famous author.

She is an artist, scriptwriter, and producer from Greece. She is most famous for being featured in the drama-comedy series with the title Toni Erdmann.

Her famous work landed her several awards such as Golden Globe Awards alongside Academy Awards in the year 2017. More awards were given to her after the ending of Toni Erdmann to acknowledge her talent and passion in the said movie.

As James Wan’s wife, she has also developed a passion for writing. In a recent discovery, it was stated that the movie Malignant is co-written by her.

As a famous artist, she must be a jack of all trades. According to sources, she can speak five different languages, credited to her experience as an actress.

James Wan’s Kids

The couple recently got married in 2019. Both are still occupied with their work in the industry of production and film.

James Wan’s wife is yet to give birth to their first child. However, it was mentioned that they are looking forward to it once they are ready.

For now, their top priority is their careers which would be beneficial for their first child. The couple disclosed that they want to settle everything first before anything.

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