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James O’Halloran is Married to Wife: Jaimee Gooley. Kids

Image of James O'Halloran with his wife, Jaimee Gooley

James William O’Halloran is famous for being an actor alongside being a model. The most prominent role assumed by the actor is in the series entitled The Price is Right as the second male model.

It occurred in the year 2014, wherein he took the risk and moved to the United States to participate in the said show. However, even before his fame from the American series, the actor was able to establish a name for himself in his country, namely Australia.

Before deciding to relocate to the United States, he was able to get roles in some famous Australian shows such as Offspring, Twentysomething, and INXS: Never Tear Us Apart.

Because of the actor’s good looks and exemptional talent, people are curious about the existence of James O’Halloran’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him, including his marriage, wife, and kids.

James O’Halloran is Married to his Wife: Jamiee Gooley

Image of James O'Halloran with his wife, Jaimee Gooley
James O’Halloran with his wife, Jaimee Gooley

As one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, onlookers are always seeking about James O’Halloran’s wife. People quickly discover that the model is already happily committed to a lifelong marital relationship.

According to sources, the couple had their first encounter during their country’s Melbourne Cup. From there on, they spent time getting to know each other until they ended up in a relationship.

The couple expressed their vows under marriage on the 18th of December in 2016. It reportedly occurred at Australia’s Mornington Peninsula.

As concluded by the model himself, he said that he is thankful for James O’Halloran’s wife for being there despite everything. She is the reason why their relationship is still standing to this day.

On the 19th day of December in 2020, the couple both posted on their respective social media accounts celebrating their love for each other after so many years. They are obviously head over heels for each other even after being together for a considerably long time.

Who is Jamiee Gooley?

Jamiee Gooley is most famous for being James O’Halloran’s wife. However, she is a person of her own alongside being the spouse of the famous actor.

She accomplished her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2013. Currently, she is practicing her degree as a dietitian in a local town in the United States.

Further details about her early life and childhood were not publicized to keep her life details under wraps. We will surely update this write-up when information about her is available for the public’s knowledge.

James O’Halloran’s Kids

Image of James O'Halloran with his wife, Jaimee Gooley, and their son, Max
James O’Halloran with his wife, Jaimee Gooley, and their son, Max

Being married for more than five years, the couple has already managed to make a beautiful family of their own. According to sources, James O’Halloran’s wife gave birth to a baby boy.

The couple named their child Max O’Halloran. He was born sometime in the year 2021.

Max is their first born which is why his welfare is the most important for the couple. They try to limit his public exposure to protect him from unnecessary comments and publicity.

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