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James Johnson is Married to Wife: Diana Issa. Kids.

Image of James Johnson with his wife, Diana Issa, and their kids

James Patrick Johnson is a famous basketball player from the United States of America. He is currently undersigned with the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets as the power forward.

Before signing with his current team, he used to play as a power forward in the team Wake Forest Demon Deacons. His participation on the said team started in the year 2007 and ended in the year 2009.

He celebrates his birthday every 20th day of February with the birth year of 1987 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He started his love for basketball as a kid and continued to hone it as a student in the academes he enrolled in.

Are you curious about James Johnson’s wife? Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage, wife, controversies, and kids.

James Johnson is Married to Diana Issa

Image of James Johnson with his wife, Diana Issa
James Johnson with his wife, Diana Issa

As a prominent basketball player, questions about James Johnson’s wife are frequently asked of him during interviews. He does not shy away from the fact that he has been committed to a lifelong marital relationship.

According to sources, the lady who holds the title of James Johnson’s wife is under the name register of Diana Issa. They have been in a relationship for a long time before deciding to tie the knot.

The couple did not disclose anything about their marriage on social media because they preferred to preserve its sanctity. People are curious, but they respect the couple’s preference since it is their life.

Their marriage has been far from any controversies since it was announced publicly. James Johnson’s wife made sure to keep their quarrels under wraps because she knows how mainstream media works.

James Johnson’s Controversies

On the 7th day of June in 2014, a case against the prominent basketball player was filed by the previous James Johnson’s wife. He was accused of hitting his last wife, Callie.

Not long after, it was dismissed because the previous James Johnson’s wife failed to present herself in court. Because of the complaint, the couple decided that it was best that they would part ways and thus filed for a divorce.

Since then, the couple left whatever they had in the past and proceeded with their lives. According to the basketball player, he wants to move on from it already, especially now that he has his new wife and kids.

James Johnson’s Kids

Image of James Johnson with his sons
James Johnson with his sons

The previous marriage of James Johnson with Callie resulted in a beautiful baby boy named Naymin Johnson. In the event of the last couple’s separation, the aforementioned James Johnson’s wife won his custody.

Furthermore, the present marriage of the athlete has two kids listed under his name. Their names and details were not disclosed to the public in this writing.

However, they can be frequently seen with Naymin on the Instagram account of the basketball player. It seems like even though they are already separated, the previous James Johnson’s wife is making sure that their son is aware of his father’s existence.

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