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James Fitzgerald is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Natalie Schilling. Kids

Image of James Fitzgerald with his wife, Natalie Schilling

James Fitzgerald is a famous forensic linguist, writer, and criminal profiler from the United States of America. He used to be an FBI agent well-known for his notable contribution to the UNABOM case, which helped them locate and convict Ted Kaczynski.

He initially started his career as a police officer in his hometown in Pennsylvania. Because of his notable contribution to his department, he was acknowledged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and recruited.

The law enforcement officer climbed his way up the ladder. His extensive experience in terms of investigation and law enforcement guided him in identifying and locating the exact location of the suspect in the UNABOM investigation.

Because of his expertise in the field of investigation, people are wondering whether James Fitzgerald’s wife was already located by the officer. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his dating status, ex-wife, and kids.

James Fitzgerald’s Dating Status

Image of James Fitzgerald with his wife, Natalie Schilling
James Fitzgerald with his wife, Natalie Schilling

The work of the police officer is indeed not for the faint of a wife. That is why there is still no lady who holds the title of James Fitzgerald’s wife as of this writing.

He spends most of his time as an instructor at Hofstra University in New York. Same with his passion for education, the presumed James Fitzgerald’s wife is identified to be under the name register of Natalie Schilling.

It was discovered when it was included in Netflix’s original series of the investigation about Unabomber. Furthermore, there is still no news if Natalie will be declared James Fitzgerald’s wife because they are taking their time to get to know more about each other.

Even as a retired officer, he wants to contribute to the field by honing individuals who aspire to do his previous work. He said that it is the most he can do for the people who helped him gain the experiences and knowledge he has right now.

James Fitzgerald’s Ex-Wife

The retired FBI agent has an ex-wife under the name of Ellie Fitzgerald. The couple got married in the year 1976.

As the case of the Unabomber unfolds, the law enforcer needs to be away for the entirety of the investigation to focus on the details.

His line of work affected his union with the previous James Fitzgerald’s wife. He said that his absence took a toll on his wife because she worried about his welfare.

Therefore, they decided to end their marriage to not worsen things further. James stated in a tweet that he lost his marriage while he was winning the Unabomber case.

He added that it was sad and not easy for the family, but they needed to do it. Furthermore, he said they would still be good friends with their kids.

James Fitzgerald’s Kids

The marriage of James and Ellie birthed three beautiful children into this world. James Fitzgerald’s wife delivered three boys during their marriage.

Their children were very understanding about the separation of their parents. It is also stated that they are aware that it is for their safety and the peace of mind of the previous James Fitzgerald’s wife.

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