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James Badge Dale is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Emily Wickersham. Kids

Image of James Badge Dale with his girlfriend, Emily Wickersham

James Badge Dale is a well-known actor who hailed from the United States of America. He was featured in numerous Hollywood films which gained traction from around the globe.

Some of these films are 24, The Pacific, The Grey, The Departed, 13 Hours, and Iron Man 3. His expertise in acting gained him a large following base across different social media platforms.

He celebrates his birthday every 1st of May with the birth year of 1978 in Manhattan, New Mexico. The artist was born to parents Anita Morris and Grover Dale who are both prominent in the field of acting as well.

The good looks and skills of the actor are making people wonder about the existence of James Badge Dale’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his girlfriend, previous relationships, and kids.

James Badge Dale is Dating Girlfriend: Emily Wickersham

Image of James Badge Dale with his girlfriend, Emily Wickersham

James Badge Dale with his girlfriend, Emily Wickersham

Being in the film and acting industry, it is usual for Dale to encounter the finest women in the world. That is why questions about James Badge Dale’s wife are frequently highlighted during his public appearances.

The woman who was supposed to hold the title of James Badge Dale’s wife is not yet found as of this writing. However, he is already dating a girlfriend named Emily Wickersham.

The duo met through a common friend from the industry. Nonetheless, information about their first encounter and relationship is not disclosed as of this writing.

Followers of the couple are looking forward to the day when Emily would be pronounced as James Badge Dale’s wife. For now, they should focus on the welfare of their son and their respective careers as well.

James Badge Dale’s Dating Rumors

Being surrounded by beautiful women most of the time, the actor was sorely tempted to make a move. The woman who stands out from the dating rumors of the actor is an actress under the name register of Stephanie Szostak.

They were spotted on the red carpet of Iron Man 3’s World Premiere in 2013. The event took place in Hollywood, California.

The rumored couple was frequently spotted in public by paparazzi. Both artists did not speak about the said relationship, and the rumors died down not long after.

Presently, both are very happy about their relationships and career. According to Dale, he is happy that she is doing well.

James Badge Dale’s Kids

As a bachelor, it is expected that the actor does not have kids of his own. However, it was debunked when news about a baby boy registered under his name broke out.

Two days before the end of the year, the presumed James Badge Dale’s wife birthed a beautiful baby boy. They named him Cassius Wickersham Dale.

It is not yet clear whether the couple is already married. But it was discovered that they are co-habituating to raise their child with their best effort.

They stated that the most important thing at the moment is the welfare of their child. They would surely share it with the public if ever Emily would be pronounced as James Badge Dale’s wife.

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