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Jameis Winston is Married to Wife: Breion Allen. Kids  

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Image of Jameis Winston with his wife, Breion Allen

Jameis Lanaed Winston is a quarterback from the United States of America. The New Orleans Saints under the National Football League is the team he is undersigned to.

Before starting his professional career in football, he had already played for his university. According to sources, he went to Florida State University.

Winston was proclaimed the youngest athlete to bag the Heisman Trophy. As a freshman, he already made a notable contribution to his university by playing and winning in the BCS National Championship Game in the year 2014.

Because of his expertise, he was already listed in the NFL during his sophomore year. In the 2015 NFL Draft, he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The success of the player is truly unique that is why people are wondering whether there is news with regards to Jameis Winston’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article because we will reveal information that includes his marriage and kids.

Jameis Winston is Married to Breion Allen

Image of Jameis Winston with his wife, Breion Allen

Jameis Winston with his wife, Breion Allen

The football player is always busy with his games. Furthermore, fans wonder how he makes his dating life productive despite his schedule.

Jameis Winston’s wife is known to be named Breion Allen. The couple has been dating since they were in high school.

It was not a secret that the couple initially planned to have a big ceremony, but because of the pandemic, they did not push through with the original plan. Nonetheless, they will still accomplish what has been planned when it is declared safe to hold a mass gathering.

After years of dating, the duo tied the knot on March 20, 2020. Their marriage was held intimately attended by the couple’s close friends and families.

Jameis Winston’s wife, however, preferred to stay lowkey regardless of her husband’s success and fame. She does not want to get involved in controversies and the like.

Who is Breion Allen?

On the 14th of March in 1994, the beautiful and witty Breion was born. Her parents were identified to be named Taura and Frederic Allen.

For her academic life, she attended Rice University, located in Houston, Texas. It was speculated that her birthplace is the same as her university’s location.

Jameis Winston’s wife is also an athlete herself. She used to play basketball at her university.

Although it occurred for a short while, she made a notable contribution to the school’s team. According to sources, she decided to quit to focus on her academics.

Other details with regard to her early life and present career are not disclosed to the public. Moreover, we will quickly update this article once information is available.

Jameis Winston’s Kids

Image of Jameis Winston with his wife, Breion Allen, and their first born son, Antonor

Jameis Winston with his wife, Breion Allen, and their firstborn son, Antonor

The lengthy relationship of the couple surely built a strong foundation for both of them. In addition to that, having kids of their own strengthened their relationship further.

The quarterback is a proud father of two exceptional children. Both of their kids are known to be boys.

In 2018, their first born named Antonor was born. He was lucky enough to experience how life was before the pandemic occurred.

On the other hand, Malachi Winston was born in 2021. In the middle of a pandemic, it sure is a good time for the parents to spend with their children.

Jameis Winston’s wife is a dedicated mother and a housewife. She once stated that although the going gets hard sometimes, she draws strength from his small family of four.

Having a toddler and a kid, it is not possible and safe for them to travel around places. Still, the family is looking forward to the day when they can freely travel without restrictions.

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