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Is Jack Thriller Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids

Image of Jack Thriller

Jack Thriller is famous for being a stand-up comedian, radio personality, and host of a talk show. His online talk show is entitled, which is usually graced by the presence of celebrities.

He is also a regular cast of the MTV show with the title Wild N’ Out. His appearance indeed gained traction for the show.

The comedian celebrates his birthday every 7th day of May with the birth year of 1982. He is now officially labeled as the King of Pop Comedy because of his notable contribution to the field.

People wonder if there is a certain Jack Thriller’s wife who is lucky enough to hear his jokes and thoughts regularly. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his dating status and kids.

Jack Thriller’s Dating Status

Image of Jack Thriller
Jack Thriller is an American comedian and radio host. He is also known as an internet talk show host called

There is an old saying that a way through a woman’s laugh is by making her laugh. The rumor of the radio personality would surely catch the attention of the lady who would have the title of Jack Thriller’s wife.

However, the host is not dating a girlfriend nor married to a wife as of this writing. He puts all his time into his lifework and is mainly occupied.

The radio host said that he was not closing his doors for anything. Jack Thriller’s wife must be very understanding because his work demands much of his time.

While waiting for the perfect time for Jack Thriller’s wife to arrive, the stand-up comedian is doing his own thing and is continually improving his skills and self. He disclosed that he is not yet ready to enter any relationship because he feels like he cannot maintain it now.

Followers of the host are looking forward to the day when Jack Thriller’s wife will be located and announced to the public. For now, they are presently enjoying the jokes and thoughts of the host about anything under the sun.

Jack Thriller’s Kids

The actor is frequently asked about his plans with regard to a family of his own. He said that he is not yet ready as of the moment with work as a contributing factor.

Nonetheless, he agreed that the perfect moment was just there and would approach him once he thought he was already settled with his life. Before having kids, he must first have Jack Thriller’s wife bear his children.

People usually nag him about this aspect of his life, and he said that he would not think twice about disclosing once information is available. For now, his wife and kids are his lifeworks as a multitalented artist.

Furthermore, he once mentioned wanting to be present in his kid’s life. He said that it is not possible right now because of the projects he has.

Additionally, he aspires to have kids who are free to dream. It was not like that while he was young, and he said that he did not want his future children to go through whatever he went through.

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