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Jack LaLanne is Married to Wife: Elaine Doyle LaLanne. Kids.

Image of Jack LaLanne with his wife, Elaine Doyle LaLanne

Francois Henri LaLanne, commonly known as Jack LaLanne, was an American motivational speaker and fitness and nutrition expert who became famous in the early 20th century. Up until the age of 15, Jack said, he was a sugar addict and a junk food addict.

Even though he struggled with behavioral issues, he was able to turn his life around after attending a public talk given by health food pioneer Paul Bragg on the advantages of maintaining healthy eating habits. He wrote several books on physical fitness and was the host of the television show The Jack LaLanne Show, which focused on fitness from 1951 to 1985.

During his career, Jack came to the realization that the general health of the nation was dependent on the health of its inhabitants. He referred to the improvement of America’s physical culture and nutrition as the nation’s savior.

Are you interested in the wife of Jack LaLanne before he died? Her biography? And his ex-wife and kids? Then continue reading to learn more.

Jack LaLanne and Elaine Doyle LaLanne Marriage

Image of Jack LaLanne with his wife, Elaine Doyle LaLanne
Jack LaLanne with his wife, Elaine Doyle LaLanne

Before he passed away, Jack was married to a woman named Elaine Doyle LaLanne, and the couple had been married for more than 50 years. In 1959, Jack and Elaine married in a small ceremony that included only their immediate families and a few close acquaintances.

The pair had been married for many years when a terrible accident took the life of Jack, who was a well-known motivational speaker. On January 23, 2011, Jack passed away at his home from respiratory failure brought on by pneumonia.

He was 96 years old when he passed away. Jack’s family claims that the motivational speaker had been sick for the past week, but Jack had refused to go to the hospital or visit a doctor.

They went on to say that the day before he passed away, the motivational speaker had been going through his regular gym program. During the 52 years that Jack and Elaine were married, they welcomed two children into the world. Their names are Jon and Daniel, and they are now adults.

Doyle LaLanne’s Biography

She was a renowned actor and the wife of the nutrition expert Jack LaLanne before he died. She is known for being in films such as the Documentary/History “How to Live Forever,” the short documentary “Anything is Possible: The Man, the Movement, and the Legacy,” and the documentary “The Future of Fitness.”

Jack LaLanne’s wife was born on March 19, 1926, and is currently 96 years old. Doyle also has a daughter from her previous marriage named Janet.

Jack LaLanne was married to an ex-wife Irma Navarre from 1942 to 1948

Before marrying Doyle, Jack was married to Irma Navarre. They got married in the year 1942 and became a parent to a daughter named Yvonne. In the year 1948, Jack and Irma ended their marriage and divorced for reasons that have never been revealed.

Jack LaLanne’s Kids

  1. Yvonne LaLanne

She is the first daughter of the nutrition expert Jack with his ex-wife, Irma. Yvonne was born on the year 1944 and is currently 78 years old.

  1. Janet LaLanne

She is the adopted daughter of Jack and his wife, Doyle. Janet was born in 1953 and passed away in the year 1974.

III. Jon LaLanne

He is the son of Jack and his wife before he died, Doyle. Jon was born on the year 1961 and is currently 61 years old.

  1. Daniel LaLanne

He is the son of the motivational speaker Jack and his wife before he died, Doyle. Unfortunately, Daniel’s birth date and age are unavailable to the public.

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